Lenox Images, my new domain!

 Long time no blogging. It has been like a year since I had on my Lenox Knit's hat, figuratively that is. I just wanted to pop in and say that the Lenox name is still going strong but now going in another direction. I'm now Lenox Images, the portrait artist. I've spent the last year learning everything I can about my latest camera and editing software. The past 2 months I've been taking pictures of whoever will stand still long enough for me to shoot them, building my portfolio, and working on my new website. I think I'm ready to put out the shingle and start looking for customers. I have my first paying shoot in 2 weeks. It's an old friend's daughter off of Facebook and I'm not charging her what will be my full rate but it's a start.

Starting a real business this time is a lot harder than knitting scarves and showing up at craft shows to sell. I'm getting my licenses and insurance all figured out so I'm all legal this time. But the experiences on here and at my craft shows have made the process easier this time around.

I'm wanting to focus on teens and graduating seniors, as you can see in the gallery in the link.  With my experience all these years working in colleges and the fact that I haven't aged a day over 19 in my mind, I think I can relate to them. They usually want to be getting their pictures taken, and have their own style and personalities which make it more fun for me.

I just shot my first wedding a few weeks ago. It was for my cousin whose photographer flaked out on her at the last minute. I'm relatively happy with how things turned out. My brother and new sister in law are actually much happier with the album I made for them of all of my pictures then the one they paid a whole lot of money for. Wedding and events are a lot of stress but it is really exciting too, so I'm still debating about whether I want to pursue that angle.

These are a few of my favorite portraits from the past few weeks. The first is my darling cousin Dori. I love that smile, the blue of her eyes, and the retro feel I added to it.

I hope you'll come and visit the new digs and let me know what you think!


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