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Knitting is so much a part of my life and identity now that it is hard to believe that I have only been doing it for five years. When I meet someone new they think I must have been born with knitting needles and a ball of variegated yarn in my hands.

For me knitting was the final stage in discovering a creative outlet for myself. Around 7 years ago I was introduced to a most interesting and creative guy who would become my husband. I went from studying for my Master's in Counseling right into planning my marriage. After that I spent a year scouring home decorating magazines and searching flea markets and antique malls to fill our new nest with treasures.

After awhile I realized that I really needed something to do with my extra time. My husband is a man of many passions, including playing guitar in a band, writing science fiction, riding his bikes, and saving the world from Nazis and aliens on his computer games. So I went in search of something to do with my time and hands.

I tried cross stitch and crochet before picking up the needles. From almost the first moment it just felt right. There was something so rhythmic and meditative yet it still required me to actively focus at times. I could knit simple scarves while watching my favorite crime dramas or work on something more complicated while tuning the rest of the world out. And then I fell in love with the yarn. I absolutely love color and I could spend hours looking at the different combinations and transitions of color in the yarn. As lame as it sounds knitting with variegated yarn is endlessly fascinating to me as I wait to see whether blue or green will come up next in the pattern.

So now I have an entire room devoted to my craft and I bore my husband and friends with stories about stitch patterns and new techniques. I have been lucky enough to sell enough of my creations at local craft shows and on-line to pay for my love of yarn and a little extra. My husband and I both now have self-supporting hobbies that keep us fulfilled and centered. I'd say we are very lucky indeed.

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