You Touch it You buy It

A new study discussed in Live Science finds that people were likely to pay more for an item if they were allowed to hold the item first and form an attachment. This is exactly why I prefer selling at craft shows over on-line. Here is a quote from the article by Andrea Thompson, Senior Writer:

"A new study suggests that just fingering an item on a store shelf can create an attachment that makes you willing to pay more for it.

Previous studies have shown that many people begin to feel ownership of an item — that it "is theirs" — before they even buy it. But this study, conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, is the first to show "mine, mine, mine" feelings can begin in as little as 30 seconds after first touching an object."

Understanding this concept from a seller's perspective is really important. If I can get my scarves into people's hand where they can touch and try them on they are much more likely to buy. Pictures just can't recreate that experience. The scarf above is made from 100% alpaca. You don't know from the picture how amazingly soft and indulgent it feels. I can tell you that it really is worth more than the $43 I'm asking for it but unless you feel it and fall in love you won't get it.

This really solidifies my business plans for next year. I want to not only do more craft shows but also try to get my items into people's hands at boutiques in the area next fall. On-line sales are just not going to cut it for me. I will continue to build a presence on-line and have a place to send my customers that find me at craft shows. I had at least one good sale come from someone who touched my items at a show this year and then came on-line to buy 3 scarves the next week.

I can totally relate as a buyer also. I know that when I pick something up and start to picture the item in my life I am much more motivated to "buy now". I have a pretty good imagination and as long as the pictures are good I can have a similar experience shopping on line. I really try to have my pictures not just accurately reflect the colors but also the tactile experience of the fabric. I don't know how well I did with this scarflette. I don't know if you can really see how amazingly soft the Extra Fine Merino Wool/ Angora/ Nylon blend yarn is. The scarves that sell quickly on-line are ones that I'm somehow able to capture that softness in a picture. I think some people are also more "visual shoppers" while others are more tactile. I would love to find a way to reach both of them on-line but for now I will just have to work on my pics and continue to look for venues to carry my items in person.


MySweetThree said...

First off, the title of your post gave me a chuckle..secondly, Yes, I totally relate to touching and buying it as well. I tend to get that way when I am shopping, I pick up an item..half-intending to put it down, but by the time I am about to leave the store..I decide that no, it must be mine. (Then, I run out of the store praying security isn't chasing me) KIDDING, I buy it. I can see why craft shows do well for you!

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NICO Designs said...

I agree with you. I am very tactile and fabric texture can make or break my decision to buy. When I began ToteNTots last year, I sold more bags in Houston because people could TOUCH them. Custom orders came from that contact as well. I am still getting orders from people that see someone with a bag and want one...

It is a challenge to produce the kind of quality photo that engages a potential buyer. I struggle with this but I am learning. As the babies get older, I hope to enter craft shows so that I can have the kid of ecxperience you have had at them.

Thanks for a great post!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I love the pink scarf. I want it. I'm stroking the computer screen. I'm picturing myself wearing it. I do think you are right about doing more neutral colors though. Most people want a scarf that goes with everything in their wardrobe and don't feel comfortable going outside those boundaries.
I however, love the pink scarf you featured and the orange one you gave me.
Have you though about doing capes, ponchos, and wraps?
Love it!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Ok, the pink scarf is mine! Mwwhaahaa.
It was a toss up between that one and the orange sushi one but I really hate sushi. I was thinking pink and gray would be a great combination.

Lenox Knits said...

I'm so glad it's going to a good home! It really is one of my favorites. I hope you love it!

Nancy said...

Your scarves are lovely, I especially love the pink one! Nothing like being able to touch and feel something.

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I agree--the tactile experience is so important to most shoppers. (It is to me!)


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