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I know that I've said before that I really am an introvert and one of my main depression symptoms is isolation. Blogging is good for keeping me connected with the world if sometimes at a distance. I will never leave as many comments as some of you but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate whenever someone takes the time to share their thoughts with me.

Since I'm coming up on a year of blogging I decided to share some of my blogging buddies with you. One blogger that I felt an almost instant connection with is Nancy from Nfall2rt design studio. I was telling Mike recently about something she had written and I described her as one of my best blogging friends. He said "so she's your BBFF" (best blogging friend forever) which I have to say I hope is true. We have a similar blogging style in that we both have a mix of personal with business and talk a lot about living a creative and handmade life.

She is clearly a much better writer than I am however and has even started sharing some of her poetry. I haven't written a poem in years but I know how difficult it was in the past to put myself out there with anything I had written so I really admire her for it. She even agreed to let me share a little with you. This is part of the first poem she put on her blog and as I told her there are a few lines that I really wish I had written which is always a sign that I have connected with it. You can check out more of her writing here and here.

In between moments of impossible silence
my posture stiffens; heat rises
like a wave to my face.
There was a climax that passed between us then.
I read it in your eyes: I tire you.

Nancy has so many talents and does everything from knitting, paper crafts, jewelry, and original artwork. The piece at the top is part of her contained series which is done in mixed media with linen, vellum, thread, and ink. She also makes pendants in this series which are very unique.

I have always really appreciated her use of color in her knit accessories which you will find in her Etsy shop here. She makes very functional pieces with zippers and lining which is something I haven't been brave enough to attempt yet. We both have a button fetish and I love checking out her button choices and am always impressed with how well she coordinates her work.

She just opened an Artfire shop, The Paper House, to showcase her paper designs. I love this set of notecards called Tree Huggers and think they would make a great gift. I'm really interested to hear about her Artfire experiences as I really do value her opinion about such things.

If you aren't already familiar with Nancy I hope you'll take some time to get to know her. She really is an amazing blogger and creative spirit. She shares herself openly and is a great resource for those living a handmade life.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Yes! You two do have similar blogs... and I love ya both so much! This was a great post, I am sure Nancy is beyond thrilled with this, Paige.. It was very, very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I really don't quite know what to say. That was an incredibly sweet post. Thank you very much for featuring me, I'm really overwhelmed with the extent of it all! I'm telling you, if we lived close, I'm sure we would be "BFF" rather than "BBFF" haha.

I'll have to find some way to repay you big time. I'm still on the prowl for a treasury to repay you for that....now I'm all backed up here!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I love visiting Nancy's blog!

Lin said...

I love Nancy, don't you?! Blog pallies are the best and she's one of them. Cool blog, lovely artist, and she always has great comments too.

I'm glad that you wrote that you are sort of quiet and don't comment much. Sometimes I wonder--I see visitors, but they don't say much--so it's good to know why. I'm glad you visit me each day. :)

elf said...

I agree with the rest, Nancy is a great blogging friend and blogger but so too are you Paige. I would be so sad if I didn't have you guys(or rather your blogs!) to visit everyday!:o)

Laurie said...

Very nice post! She's lucky to have you as a friend!

storybeader said...

I really like Nancy's work too. Another person (like yourself) that I've gotten to know through EC. Great post and picks!

Karen said...

She makes beautiful things. Thanks for introducing me to her site. I'm off to check it out!

One Creative Queen said...

Hey sweetie - You have NO idea how much I've missed your blog. It's so weird not getting up to rush to the computer and see what you and a few others, have been up to. Although I'm getting more done creatively, I dearly miss the creative burst I get from your blog.

Thank you for your comments and concern...my absence is just computer-related. Well, that and my children are making me nuts...but doesn't that go unsaid??

This is a great post - I really like her blog and admire her work as well. I promise to get all caught up on your posts when I can operate the computer without it freezing every 2 seconds - and can use one keyboard. (What a pain!) Please know you're in my daily thoughts and prayers...and Mike's observation about having BBFFs is so true! I know I miss my blogging buddies wildly. I can't wait to get back to daily posts and catching up with everyone - and your blog is definitely at the top of that list!

Keep things in the blogosphere under control until I can return and contain the madness with my royal scepter, will ya? ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice about the banners. You are very right...I wondered about that, but it's good to hear someone else say it. Back to the drawing board:) Honestly, it's great to hear that people like something, but I'd rather have some suggestions, so thanks for being 'bold' enough to do so!


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