Random Wednesday

I finally decided on a private studio in Chelsea with a garden terrace for less than the B & B in Chelsea. I found it on Craigslist but after many e-mails I feel comfortable with the arrangement. He has feedback on this site and pictures of the room which made me feel a lot better. He offered to have our friend who lives in Brooklyn come by and see the place before we paid the deposit which seemed like a lot to ask, but it was reassuring that he offered. The other place I contacted from Craigslist replied back immediately asking for 50% to be wired to him Western Union to hold the room. Talk about running the other way.

I spent the entire day Sunday making my Dad a coffee table book called Scenes from Lenox Farms. I had it made by A & I Books and if I had paid full price it would have been over $100. I had a Groupon so I got a deal but I still ended up paying way more than I usually do for photobooks on Snapfish so I hope the quality is worth it.

The shot of Jess running down the hill is one of Dad's favorites. I shot it with my old point and shoot but with some tweaking in photoshop I think it looks pretty cool now. I used the technique I learned in my class to convert to black and white and then bring part of the picture back to color in these two shots. I spent so much time editing every picture but I think my Dad will appreciate it.

I think that I have all of my holiday shopping done. Hopefully everything will arrive on time. There has been a box on the door everyday this week. It's fun opening them up and seeing what I bought even if they aren't for me. Hanukkah snuck up on me this year so the nieces and nephew in New York will be getting their gifts late but I don't think they'll mind having something to open after the festivities have died down for them.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your dad has something great to look forward to then! I like to alter spending a bit more money and time on one of my giftees from year to year. That way everyone gets something a bit more meaningful from time to time when you can afford it. I love that first shot! Glad you found a good deal on you NYC room too!

Ann said...

I've always loved pictures with selective color. The look fabulous and your shots are great. I bet your dad will love the book. I wish I could say my shopping was almost done but the truth is I haven't even started. SIGH

Meekiyu said...

wow I think what you did with the photos is stunning. Love the pops of color against the black and white background. Cool you found a private studio in Chelsea =D


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