Sets for everyone!

I have been having the worst blogging block I've ever experienced. Every time I sit down to my computer with a few minutes to blog I come up completely empty. The last few weeks have been really busy at work and I'm still coming out of my mid-winter blahs but hopefully I can find some inspiration soon. I need to visit my favorites and get caught up on all of your doings and that would probably get me motivated again but it's finding the time to do it. I'm hoping for another snow day tomorrow which would be the perfect time to do some blog hopping. We are supposed to get another 3-6 inches which should be enough for a day off.

So I'm posting pictures of all the sets I made for my girls for Christmas. Jess and Kate both wanted such drastically different colors that I made them each two sets, one for really cold days and one more for fun. In the top shot they are also playing with their crazy new toys I got them from Cranky Yellow which were a huge hit. Kate particularly loved her David Wolk doll with its Barby legs and bulging eye head. She said she couldn't wait to show it off (and freak her friends out).

The first adorable little girl is my niece Savannah looking all sweet in her funky new set. The second adorable little girl is Sophie, our good friend's Brian and Sandy Katcher's imp.


Ann said...

blog block can be the pits. I seem to be having a rough time coming up with my daily post. I manage to pull something out each day but can't say that it's all that great...lol
The hat and scarf sets are great. love the colors

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you have so many little ones to knit for that love it! It looks like they're really enjoying their new treasures!

It's been really hard for me to pump out posts this week too- for me if I haven't been taking photos I just don't have content! I feel like no one's reading if there's no hooking photo anyway. It's hard during the winter to get enough lighting for this.

You'll get it back. Every blog has it's ups and downs.

Sandy said...

The best part of Sophie and Savannah's pictures is they're both wearing beautiful dresses over clothes. It's hard being so fancy!!

Anonymous said...

Fancy-Schmancy knits, Paige! Love 'em!

I am actually going to sit down tonight and teach myself to decrease in increase (I know...I got a long way to go :)

So, get outta that blog, girlie! Just show us the goods, that will always give you something to write about! How bout some work in progress pics?

Cranky said...

Awesome! Thanks!

storybeader said...

they are adorable. And the "sets" show through to mom at their side. {:-D

Boys Aloud said...

So cute kid :x

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

They all look so cute!!

I hope you are doing well!!


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