Spring Celebration Almost Over!

Tomorrow is the last day of my Spring Celebration. I will shut down entries into the giveaway at midnight tomorrow. I was happy to find that I passed the 200 entry mark this morning. I really hope that the participants have gotten some traffic from it. Thanks to all for playing along!

So the last prize that I have to feature is the craft books from my own library. As part of the Spring Celebration you could win the AntiCraft: Knitting, Beading and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister and Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle.

The Craftivity book is from the crafters at the SuperNaturale website. You can read more about the book and see some pictures of the projects in the book here.

I want to share parts of the antifesto from The Anticraft philosophy. You can find more about the group on their website The Anticraft.

We were deep in the clutches of a weeklong absinthe binge when the Divine Hand of Brilliance touched us in an inappropriate place. When this vision came, we knew we must create a haven for all the sinister crafters of the world. No more would we be cowed into silence by cheerful scrapbook stickers. Never again would we be forced to gleefully execute a sweater of intarsia puppies.... Really, we were thrilled that crafting was de-grannified; we just got tired of it having to be so dang perky all the time.

Creation from chaos is natural. We've come to a place where we've realized that we have this actual, physical need to create things. We've discovered that we hate people en masse, we're sick of homogenized culture, and these realizations have left holes in our hearts. We create to fill those holes, to be able to sleep at night knowing we've done something, even a small something, to confront the manufactured culture that is currently being churned out.

So if you haven't entered the Spring Celebration Giveaway yet you had better hurry. You could win these two very cool additions to your craft library.

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Ann said...

Wow that went by fast. seems like just yesterday you were starting this. That sounds like a good book


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