Spring Celebration -- Tracey Knits

The great thing about hosting my Spring Celebration is that I've gotten to know some of my old blog friends better. But in addition to that I've made a few new friends like Tracey Knits. I thought it was appropriate to showcase her on this glorious day when my husband and so many others are out enjoying the day with a round of golf. As part of the Spring Celebration Tracey is giving away a Yoda Star Wars Golf Club Cover valued at $25.

"It is sized to fit any club from the biggest driver to your tiny putter. Made out of acrylic fiber to prevent damage. Should you find yourself in a swamp on a distant planet, it is machine washable!" I think it is the ideal gift for your golfer/Star Wars nerd, I'm sure I'm not the only wife of one of those!

I enjoy her quirky style and fun designs, including the braided belts below. They are the perfect spring accessory when a full scarf is too heavy.

When doing some research on her I discovered that in addition to her knitting skills she also is a talented artist and photographer. She sells her artwork on Etsy as Red Linc Art. I love how she describes her work here:

"Generally, my paintings, drawings and photography are realistic and figurative with a pop art quality. I like to take the everyday and put a new spin on it. Inspiration, for me, can be found everywhere. My children’s faces, a conversation with a friend, or a view I have seen a thousand times before but only appreciated that day."

I have a feeling that Tracey and I would be fast friends if we were ever to meet in real life. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder remarkably similar to her drawing of the Eye of Horis.

I asked Tracey a few questions about her work and inspirations.

How long have you been knitting and selling your work?
I have been knitting for 4 years. I started selling my knitting about a year ago. The patterns have only been available for a few months.

Where do you sell it and what are your bestsellers?

I sell original knit designed sports merchandise on my online store, http://traceyknits.etsy.com at local retail locations in New Jersey, and craft fairs as well. In the spring, people love my golf club covers. The number one design is the NY Yankees baseball player. This past winter I introduced the Football Helmet Winter Hat and did almost entirely custom orders for college teams. I recently made the patterns for these items available for sale as well which has been a big hit with my fellow knitters.

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative process.

I am a morning person so get right to work as soon as I am out of bed. The boring technical aspects of running an online business get taken care of first, then I have the rest of the day to create and gather ideas. i have to fit taking care of my young children and husband in there as well.

What inspires you and do you have ways you keep the inspiration coming?

Inspiration is definitely the hardest part of running a creative business. I tend to think about an event or a customer and what I can make to satisfy their needs. Very often I will be driving in the car hanging with my kids when the brain-blast happens.


Christy said...

My husband would LOVE this :D

Ann said...

The golf club cover is so cute. I'm not a golfer though, it's one game I just could never see the excitement in

The Smart Stylist said...

The Yoda Knit is so cute!

redlinc said...

thanks for the article! it turned out great :)

I would love to see a picture of that tatoo

sandy said...

Love the Yoda, though I know hubby wouldn't put that in his golf bag ...
it would make a darling puppet for a child though.

Very cute and creative.


Anonymous said...

I have to got to get one of those club covers for my husband!!!

Paige - I knew we had more in common than just being awesome crafters. I have an eye of horus tattoo'd on my upper left arm! One of these days we should all do a blogging day of showing our tattoos!


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