A real Gem!

I know it has been forever since I last posted. July and the beginning of August are the absolute busiest times of year for our office. Somehow we always survive and manage to get everyone registered but I am seriously looking forward to the Fall right now.

My brother Ham is currently in a hospital in San Diego waiting to have his gall bladder removed. We are still waiting to find out if they can do it laproscopically or if they will have to open him up. For everyone's sake I'm praying that they don't have to do it the old fashioned way but he is pretty bad off. I am so thankful that his girlfriend Angelica made it there last night. She has taken charge and knowing that she is there has been a huge relief to my Mom.

My brother is definitely a serial monogamist and we tease him that growing up with 3 sisters has left him incapable of living without a woman in his life. He had a string of disastrous relationships that usually escalated into major drama. Angelica is the first grown up girlfriend he's ever really had who has a real head on her shoulders, a solid career of her own, and who actually really seems to care about Ham. She posted on Facebook that Ham was her first priority and that she would be there for the duration. We all met her for the first time in July when she came for the fourth of July. She fits really nicely into the craziness of the house and jumped right into the teasing and back and forth that always ensues when we are all together. My mother told me this morning that if we didn't know it already that she is an absolute gem.

I am still struggling to understand what she is doing with Ham to be honest with you. In my opinion she is way out of his league but obviously he makes her happy. He was just in San Diego for business but she has taken care of the hotel and everything else. Hopefully they will be able to make it back to Miami next week but if they have to make an incision he might not be able to fly that soon.


Ann said...

Good luck to your brother on his surgery. I had that surgery a few years back and as long as there are no complications it's a pretty easy one. Sounds like his girlfriend is a keeper

Anna said...

Paige, I'm so glad that Angelica is out there to look after your brother. She looks like a doll! Hope all goes well and he gets home very soon!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Prayers going out to Ham. I'm so glad he has a loving and caring girlfriend to help him out right now! Please keep us posted on his condition.

Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad today.

Sinclair said...

Sending my prayers and thoughts. Terrible that he has to have this happen, and to be so far away from home to do it is even worse! Hoping all goes smoothly and that he can go home very soon.

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Good for your brother for finding such a gem! Sounds like he has had his share of rough times, and maybe Angelica is just sick of people in her own league! Good for him! Good luck to him on his surgery...gall bladder surgery is no fun no matter how you slice it!!!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I hope your brother has a smooth surgery and easy recovery. It is nice to hear the relationship he shares with his girlfriend and how much your family loves her..sometimes not so easy to find!


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