6 months to the day...

Footloose Necklace - sculpted lost wax casting in Bronze I had a different post planned for today but on my way into work this morning I realized that it was 6 months ago to the day that I fell and broke my ankle. You can read about this delightful experience here if you missed it. When I realized this I got that pit in my stomach as I thought about how helpless I had felt on that day. These items are part of a treasury I threw together in tribute to my poor unlucky foot here.

Unfortunately there is still residual affects from that dreadful day that I'm dealing with. I gave an hour long presentation this morning and my foot was throbbing and swollen by the end just as it usually is by the end of the day. Ice packs are still my best friends and comfortable shoes are even more of a daily consideration. The ossification going on in my ankle now has the potential of making the fall a lifelong struggle which scares me but I'm still trying to stay positive.

I knew it was going to be a long recovery and that it would be hard which it has been. It's amazing how much more I appreciate the little things like being able to drive myself around or learning something new about my camera now. I'm very thankful for all the positive thoughts that were sent my way from you all.

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Ann said...

Not a happy occasion to celebrate but look how far you've come in six months.`


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