Creative Kate

I just wanted to brag on my niece Kate for just a moment. She received 3rd place for 3rd graders in all of the Fort Worth Catholic schools for her poster above. The theme was "Being disciples of Christ". In her poster there is a little girl carrying a pink box of donations up to a Daycare.

Kate is truly a creative spirit. She takes whatever assignment she has and makes it her own. I particularly love this poster she sent my Mom of the 10 plagues of Egypt. She added some humor and emotional poignancy to this somewhat odd assignment. I like how she put a band aid on the Egyptian with boils. Seriously, who makes a 9 year old draw a picture of the death of all first born, but Kate did it with gusto. She was not happy with how her livestock depiction came out so please don't judge her for that.

I am missing the girls a lot this spring. They will be coming for several weeks over the summer but it's so hard not seeing them for months at a time. I miss Kate's random and over the top impressions and her ability to make me laugh for hours with her stories and voices. Mike calls her a little Amy Sedaris which is kind of true but in a good way.


Rachel J said...

That 10 plagues picture is priceless!

Ann said...

A young artist in the making. Love her pictures

majks said...

Paige, your nieces miss you too! As for Kate and her voices, we have been getting a lot of British (since the royal wedding), some Italian, and a new one tonight was very distinctly Indian. She had me laughing and Jessica very annoyed. All in a day with Kate! Love you!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I love seeing kid art:)


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