Should I or Shouldn't I Apply?

The Rock N Roll Craft Show 6 deadline to apply is coming up and I have been going back and forth about applying all month long. Normally I would just apply and worry about it later but this show has a $40 jury application fee that is non-refundable so I want to be sure about it before I apply. Since I can't seem to make a decision and I don't want to just wait too long and have the decision be made for me I thought I would put the pros and cons down here and let you help me decide.

I haven't done this show before but I've talked to others who have and they were happy with it. The application process is a total pain in the you know what. They use this on-line application called Zapplication which is pretty tedious in my opinion. You have to download pictures to their exact specifications which are listed here. I'm sure that I can do it in GIMP but it is annoying.

It is just like the Big Ass Indie Arts and Craft Show that I did last year and loved. It is a boutique style which means that they do all the displays and process the money. You don't have to be there the whole weekend, just for a 2 hour shift. It is on Thanksgiving weekend though which I plan on spending in Rolla with the family. My whole family will be in town and I would hate to have to come back early but it might be worth it if the show would be as successful as the other indie shows I've done in the past. That is my market and I really wanted to do at least 2 of the boutique shows this year. I would probably be coming back on Sunday anyways so as long as I could get my shift for Sunday afternoon I would be ok.

The Big Ass Show will be the following week so I would have to get my inventory updated right away and they both use a tagging process that I would have to make sure was compatible. Basically I want to do the show but I don't know if it is worth the stress. The timing is bad and being with my family is likely more important than the possible profit to be had. So what do you think should I or shouldn't I apply?


Pricilla said...

I think you have to decide if the family time is more important. And I think from how you wrote your post you have made that decision....

Plus all of the time spent in advance creating the inventory. If you are not concerned with the $$ that will come out of it then don't do it.

Stress isn't worth money. There is always next year.

Duni said...


If it were me, I'd have a hard time concentrating on the show while my family milled about :)

Also, I find the tedious application process a little off-putting...

whatever you decide, I wish you good luck!

Laurie said...

I think you should go for it -- I think it's a no brainer that they'll accept your work and then you can relax and enjoy the show while they sell your stuff! (I've never been a vendor at a show like that and it sounds awesome!)

Anonymous said...

Hmn...that's a toughie. What about the buyers? Do you think they will come out over a holiday weekend? If you do, (i have no show crowd expertise) it might be worth it to do because it fills all of your goals. It would be like a compromise, you would still get to see your family. Good luck choosing.


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