Random Tuesday, or Not so Wordless Wednesday

I'm making progress but let's just say I'm not ready to post any after pictures yet of my room. I'm taking some days off from work to get my life in order and do some things that I let slide in the craziness of the summer at work. You can now see most of the floor in my craft room which is major step in the right direction. I have 5 bags of crap in my car to take to Goodwill tomorrow, some of it is just being returned from whence it came. I also have 4 boxes of craft supplies set aside for the Upcycle Exchange at Strange Folk in a few weeks.

On a different subject my very special nephew Kai is in search of a hobby. Like many adopted kids he has some attachment issues and right now he is interested in just about anything that Mike and I are into. He wants Mike to teach him the guitar, play Dungeons and Dragons with the guys, and for Mike to take him golfing. This weekend he and I really bonded over taking pictures on the farm and I discovered he has a good eye for composition. I think that photography is something that he could be relatively good at pretty quickly and would combine his creative side with his technical side. He's very good with technology and was actually showing me a few things about how my camera worked after playing with it for a few hours.

I've included some pictures he took around the farm. He likes old and rusty things just like I do but he also captured his sister with the farm cat and the new baby cow feeding quite nicely. He's turning 14 in a few weeks and my Mom and I are going to go in together to get him a decent camera. I don't want to spend any more than $200 and I want it to be something with all the standard features. I'm most familiar with Canon Powershot myself and I'm thinking the PowerShot SD1200 IS might be a good choice. It's got good reviews and looks pretty compact. His Dad is a Nikon guy so when I talked to Kai about it he wanted to look into those also. Any thoughts or suggestions for a beginner camera with features for a budding photographer to grow with would be appreciated.


tollykit said...

I'm not really sure about cameras but I do think the photos are really good.

One Creative Queen said...

Hey hun - I think you're right, he does have a good eye for composition. I can't remember which camera I bought first - but I can't (ever) afford to spend much. Right now I'm using a Canon Powershot A560 - and I'm really happy with it. I know there are loads of features I haven't begun to utilize - but it's also straightforward enough for a beginner. I got it at a pawn shop for $99 on sale. The retail price is somewhere around $125-$150. (I think.) I lucked out because mine was still brand new - some girl got it for graduation and pawned it right after. The lady at the shop and I cracked up - it still had the "Congratulations, Graduate!" card in it.

I think it's awesome you are so into helping him find a hobby...but that fits right in with you and Mike, and how you guys are. Want to adopt a niece and 2 nephews? My kids would LOVE you. lol

I hope you are well...and hey - if you can see the bottom of your craft room floor, when are you coming to my house to help me???

storybeader said...

the photos are great! It's certainly something that is unisex and creative! Need to think about his image, ya know, at that age! And everyone will be so encouraging! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

We have the Sony Cybershot, bought a few years ago. Its small, has a million features, and takes great pictures. It was cheap too, only around $200, so Id imagine that you can get a similar one thats probably better for cheaper. This camera has been good to us, so I would definitely recommend it!


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