So I've had a weird but relatively productive week so far. When we lost power on Monday we also lost our Dish receiver and DVR. We have already gotten a new one but that means all of our recorded movies and shows are lost. I had some great PBS specials, the presidential inauguration speech, and lots of other shows on there. It's like 2 years of our lives were erased. That last bit might have been a bit overly dramatic but you get the idea. And then tonight I had to set all our timers again. I'm sure I forgot some which worries me more than it should. I felt so tied down to the television the past few days too. Seriously I know I need to get over it but DVR has just so revolutionized the way we live.

And on to more important subjects. I got everything tagged for the Strange Folk Festival yesterday and today. The 4 stuffed to the brim tubs are in the picture above. I spent over 2 hours trying to figure out how to do a mail merge in publisher from an excel spread sheet but I failed. I ended up taking the easy way out but I'm okay with it. Instead of listing each item individually on the inventory sheet I'm going to divide by type. Meaning I have an inventory number for $15 wool blend scarves, $15 synthetic blends, $15 cotton blends, $30 wool, etc. I will then just have to keep track of how many I have sold from each of the groups. It will work for my Rock and Roll Craft Show inventory which was the main priority. I don't think I mentioned that I went ahead and applied and did get into this one. I did not get into the Indie Underground show that is going on downtown during Fashion Week but I'm a bit relieved actually. I was sort of worried about the logistics of that one even though it did sound really cool.

I spent the afternoon today with Kai. We had some great Indian buffet and got to go birthday camera shopping. He was off for parent/teacher conferences which worked out nicely. We ended up getting him a cute little Samsung TL100. I didn't even know that they made cameras and it was not one of the ones that I had researched, but it was the one that made his heart sing which was most important. He used his birthday money and I paid for the rest. He was so excited and couldn't wait to get it charged up. I hope he takes lots of interesting pictures with it.

Speaking of interesting pictures, or at least speaking of pictures. Here is a shot I took in the front yard during the momentous power outage. As I mentioned I was bored. At least I'm not posting the pictures of my eye ball and toes. Be thankful for small favors. Oh and can someone please stop the rain dance. We need some dry weather for the weekend, I'm getting nervous.


Buggys said...

Good luck at the craft show this weekend. I'm hoping you sell out and have to go home early!

Theresa said...

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you have good weather for the craft show. Good luck and hope it turns out great for you!

selahestelle said...

Oh, I so wish I could've been there to help you with the mail merge! In my previous life I used excel and word constantly and did manage to pick up a few things. TOTALLY with you on Epperson! He was robbed, the white dress looked cheap and trite. Boo.

Pricilla said...

GOOD LUCK! I hope it is very profitable for you.


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