Strange Folk Here I Come!


I've got just about everything ready to go. I just need to pack up the car and get a good night's sleep. That is easier said than done, getting a good night's sleep that is. I always have tons of manic energy right before a show. I'm fine once I get set up but until then I'll be a nervous wreck.

If you are coming by this weekend I'll be in the Big Tent towards the middle of the vendors, not in the pavilion like I was last year. My sister in law, Gray Eyed Scorpio, will be near the music stage, and be sure to check out the author's booth and get a copy of my friend Brian's Young Adult novel, Playing With Matches signed.

I got my hair done today so that I would look presentable. Here is the lovely shot I just took. I also went to Good Will. My twin had just been there again and I snagged 4 pair of pants and 6 tops all Lane Bryant or other favorite brands. I think I've decided to wear the two new shirts below. Yes, I know they are both tie-dye but they are nice and it is Strange Folk after all. They also happen to match the two scarves that I had already set aside to wear this weekend. Kismet I believe.

There will be a blogging station at the festival but I don't know if I will have time to do a post or not. I'll probably be lucky to get a tweet or two in. I'll update on Sunday night and will hopefully have lots of interesting stories to tell.


Martha said...

Great haircut and super nice shirts, love them w/your scarves. Best Wishes for a most successful Festival.

Ann said...

Your hair looks great. I love the purple shirt.

Nancy said...

Your hair cut is adorable:) I wish you lots of sales!

selahestelle said...

Love the hair! Best of luck and may the time fly!


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