A few videos to check out.

I don't normally post videos here but there are two I'm particularly excited about this week and wanted to share. First Robin Carnahan is running for the Senator from Missouri and she and her family have deep ties to Rolla, where my family is from. She filmed the commercial above on Dad's lot with his very well behaved bulls. I love the last shot of the bulls which perform right on cue. Mom said that they did just what they were told to do this time around.

When her father, Mel Carnahan, and brother were tragically killed in a plane crash a decade ago she was left with the family farm nearby the Lenox family farm. Instead of selling the farm and moving on after this tremendous loss she called my father and he and his hired hand come over to help her learn the ropes. She now works the farm and has continued in the other family business of politics equally successfully.

She is running against the very conservative Roy Blunt and could use all the help she can get in this tough year for Democrats. My dad was involved in local politics on the side when we were growing up and still has a lot of local connections. He is holding a fundraiser for her down by the lake this month. He was also recently quoted in an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about her rural roots. Dad said that they clearly had an agenda to try to explore how involved she is in the farm but he did not play along.

I will post the other video of a friend of mine on a local television show tomorrow so that this post isn't too big to handle.


Ann said...

Oh the bulls certainly did a great job. Like the commercial. How cool that they used your dad's lot to film it

Sandy said...

Mwhaha...that's awesome!


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