Tif on TV!

First off I just wanted to mention that this is my 400th post. Yay for me! I've been blogging for 3 years now, my blogaversery was back on August 28 but it slipped by me with the craziness of last month. That is a lot of mindless chatter with a few thoughtful posts thrown in now and then.

So now for the second video I wanted to share. My good friend Tif Engler was recently featured on our local show Great Day St. Louis on KMOV. She is the professional organizer who has so patiently helped me to get my craft room organized on more than one occasion as I pictured here. Too bad I have to keep the door shut when she is visiting lately, even though she is the least judgemental person I know. I still feel some shame for letting my yarn habit get the best of me again.

She discusses useful organizational tools some of which are free in the video above. This is her second appearance on the show and she is so much more relaxed in front of the camera now. She used to work in TV but behind the scenes as a producer and I think it shows. She is actually getting married next week and she said that she was so preoccupied with it that she didn't have time to get herself nervous about the TV spot.

If you want to read more about her services you can check her out at Your Life Organized. She now has several employees helping her and she has organized her business like she does everything else in her life. I'm super proud of her and what she has done as a small business owner living life on her own terms.

She is organizing Estate Sales now and has a big one tomorrow in Foristell, MO. If you are in the area you can check it out here. It's going to be quite an event and if weather permits the bloolights are going to put in an appearance and play a few sets. They have played at tent sales in the past and do a good job at keeping the shoppers entertained and hanging around longer than they might have otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, good for her!! I went and looked at your craft room. I love the idea of using the hanging shoe racks for yarn- very useful! Getting organized is one, but staying that way can be a challenge!

Ann said...

Your friend has some very useful tips for getting organized. I can get my room that way it's keeping it that way that's the hard part.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Hmm, does she deal with hoarding cases? You see, I'm not that bad but if she deals with hoarders than I will look clean and orderly.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

how fun! She is a natural on camera!


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