New York Here I come!

This Shalom Peace Scrabble tile pendant from Poem Weave Designs is similar to the one I got my niece for her Bat Mitzvah. She has lots of unique Hebrew pieces and cards on her Etsy shop.

So the planning is done and the packing is almost completed too. I really hope this trip isn't cursed. So far it's been one problem after another, mostly of my husband's making. So I'm hoping that once I leave him behind and head into the city on my own the luck will turn.

Mike insisted he had to come back for the last day of school, which is just a half day of turning in grades and cleaning up his classroom. So he had to change his ticket since I'd already bought them before the last snow day. That was the only detail I left to him and boy did he screw it up royally. When he changed his return flight he actually canceled the departure flight and made it a one way ticket. I thought that they had really gauged us on the change fee but I didn't question it much.

Well, last night we were doing the on-line check in and we couldn't find any record of his ticket today since he had accidentally canceled it. They charged us another $275 for a ticket that we had already bought once. So for him to be there for less than 48 hours it's costing us almost $800 in tickets and fees. He has lodged a complaint that it shouldn't have been that easy for him to mess things up and that he was given no warning that he was canceling the flight but I doubt it will do a bit of good. Needless to say we will never be flying Continental again.

When I called my mom all upset she said, "Oh Paige you should know better. You never let them do anything important." She did teach me better I know but trust me it won't ever happen again. We have put it behind us and after 15 minutes of yelling and slamming doors we had moved on. That's the good thing about Mike and I. We really don't stay mad for long.

So send some positive energy my way as I try to move past my husband's silliness and enjoy my solo adventures.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh! What an ordeal. Well, you'll get there, it'll be over with, and hopefully that $800 lesson won't ever happen again! Enjoy yourself and forget about the stress of it!

Pricilla said...

I suspect he won't want to take care of it in the future now, will he?

Ann said...

Oh wow, how frustrating. Have a good time and try not to think about it

Sandy said...

Mwhahah...have a great time, pal!

buy hcg said...

I wish you a great time. I would like to see New York.

Ryan, Utah

Sandy said...

The only airlines I know that doesn't charge to make changes in SouthWest, which is always our first choice. Good luck, but I doubt you'll get anywhere.

Hope you have a good trip, sounds like you should have gone alone or waited til he was out of school to depart. Why he is leaving before the end of school, then coming back for the half a day? Surprised his school system even allowed that.


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