Getting Back To Normal

The past week has been absolutely crazy for me, mostly in a good way. The Rock N Roll Craft Show was a great success. I'll post about it tomorrow. I have to get my inventory to the Big Ass Indie Show tonight after work.

Thanksgiving was a real Lenox reunion event. There was close to 70 in attendance which is wild enough with 70 sane people with a normal gene pool. It was great to see all the cousins and second cousins. I can't believe how grown up the second generation is getting, it's amazing how that happens. And of course, spending time with my nieces was thoroughly enjoyed. The top picture is by one of my cousins who is becoming a real photographer with his fancy Nikon DSLR. Yes, I had lots of camera envy. He took the top shot with the lake in the background as the whole immediate family stood in the backyard. Mike has his stupid sunglasses on his head which somehow no one noticed. Mom says it looks like he has a toupe on which I thought was hilarious. The next shot is one that I got of the annual spoons game. The Lenox's have a highly competitive streak and we are the only people I've ever heard of that turn the card game spoons into a contact sport. There is usually at least one all out brawl with bruises and scratches for everyone. I sat it out this year and let the second generation of cousins have their fun.

As much as I love my family they do make me crazy sometimes. This shot is me with my 2 sisters and Dad. It's so funny how easy it is to slip into our designated roles. Mine is of course the troublemaker. Even when I know I'm doing it I can't help but push people's buttons. We gang up on each other in different configurations and tease and taunt the entire time we are together as if we were still teenagers. It never used to bother me at all but I guess I'm to the point were I think we should be able to have more mature relationships, whatever that means. I was sensitive about my weight the whole week even though no one overtly referenced my weight gain from the past year. It's definitely something I will be working on but that is a whole other post.


Pricilla said...

It's good you had fun.
Sometimes I think we never grow out of family roles no matter how old we get.

Ann said...

WOW 70 people. There are times I wish I had a huge family like that but then other times I'm glad I don't :) Funny about the sunglasses in the first pic. It does look like a toupee, a really bad one...lol

Lin said...

It seems that sometimes we want to break out of our family roles, but they just won't let us. It takes time. :)

Love your family! They look like fun!!

Nancy said...

You...a troublemaker? Haha. Somehow, I can see that. Glad you had some great family time. 70? Geesh. That's some serious family!


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