Handmade Holiday Gifts for Kids

So the holiday shopping season should be starting up in earnest next week. I thought I would share some of my own favorite handmade sellers in my own personal gift guides over the next few weeks. I'm only including sellers that I have actually bought from and can vouch for their quality and customer service. I thought that I would start with the littlest ones on your list.

I love the funny bib above from Fun2Wear on Etsy. They have personalized tees, onesies, bibs and sets. The ipood/ipeed set I got for my friend who had twins last year was a real hit at the shower.
I absolutely adore the bright colors and soft, cuddly monkeys from The Monkey Shop. You can pick 3 in the listing above for $60. I gave my niece one for Christmas a few years ago and loved it so much I went back and bought one for myself. They are baby safe and machine washable, but I think kids of all ages, including mine, would love them.

I think the Sushi Roll - Flannel and Terry Cloth Wipe / Washcloth set above is the most creative gift idea ever for a baby. It's from Enchanted Dandelion and she also has all kinds of handmade gifts for naturally-minded babies and children. I bought a flax seed hot and cold pack from her this summer when my sinuses were really bothering me and it helped sooth me through a number of throbbing headaches. This one also includes lavender so it will help calm kids with the soothing scent.

And for the toddler on your list this coloring tote from WHIMBRELLA with crayons and coloring book including for only $12.50 is a great choice. I bought one for my littlest niece last year and my sister said it was a life saver with all the traveling they did this year with the big move. Savannah could carry it herself and Angie didn't have to worry about locating it when she needed it to distract her on the plane or on the long car rides. She also has some great quilts on sale right now and lots of other fabric creations.


storybeader said...

colorful collection of handmade gifts!

Meekiyu said...

goodness those are some great nifty gifts! I love the baby bib XD so so true...

Duni said...

Oh these are GREAT!
The bib is hilarious :)

LearnHowToMakeBows said...

The bib is hysterical...and very true for most babies! :) Great collection of gift ideas...thanks!!

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