Giveaway Results and Pet Peeves!

So I just remembered that I hadn't bothered to post the results from my blog contests. Bad blogger! That got me thinking about my blogger pet peeves which is the result of the rest of my post below. I had 117 entries into the contest via joining my newsletter. I had 46 when I opened it up to my blog readers so I guess that means I had around 70 entries from the blog.

But without further ado let me announce that the winner of my Fall Newsletter contest was none other than Carole from Carole's Thoughtful Spot! I was thrilled that the gift certificate went to a fellow blogger partly because I knew that it would be going to a good home and also because she let me know that she would be blogging about it. A little extra dose of publicity out of it, you can't beat that. Carole has impeccable taste and chose to spend her $40 on the luxurious cashmere scarflette above. I hope she loves it!

And now for a few of my blog pet peeves. Lord knows that I'm not perfect but I just wanted to share those little things that drive me crazy as I go about my daily blog reading routine.
1. Confetti throwing up all over the place on your blog or any other graphic that just distracts from the blog content.
2. Too many widgets or ads. I am constantly reevaluating what widgets I can get rid of and I know that my 3 column design can tend towards the cluttered side but when half of your blog is ads I think you have a problem.
3. Too many or not enough pictures. There really is a sweet spot when it comes to pictures. Too many means that it will take forever for your blog to download, too few and your blog looks dull and uninspired. I know sometimes I fall on the too many side but I try to hit the middle ground as best as I can.
4. Pushing your agenda. I really don't mind an occasional ideological post but when a blog completely switches gears and becomes all about one agenda that has nothing to do with its title or original intent it really annoys me irregardless of what side of the aisle they are on.
5. Where did you go posts. I understand life gets in the way but I hate it when someone just pops in and says sorry I've been gone for 2 months, etc. Especially when they keep promoting their blog in ways like dropping their EC card.

So what are your blogger pet peeves? And please feel free to share even if I'm guilty of them!


Pricilla said...

Congrats to the winner!

elsiee said...

we are "sisters in blog peeves"!! I am especially "wounded" when a favorite blogger goes missing...

Angel said...

All of your pet peeves are mine, but also any blog with the word "Random" in it's title. I don't know...it just bugs me:)

Also, love your beautiful knitting. I'm a novice, meaning I haven't graduated from scarfs yet, but I will get there. I really want to try hats, because I love to wear them. Maybe this winter.

Anyway...love to visit.
Take care,

Sinclair said...

I am sure I am guilty of the too many widgets and photos issues. I re-evaluate all the time also, but it seems I am a hoarder of sidebar goods.

I also don't like the "sorry" posts, and I really dislike music or animated stuff (except I don't mind a flickr flash widget).

Vixen said...

Confetti does annoy me.

Congrats to Carole.

Erica said...

she did pick a great item! I hate music and I HATE really wide layouts that do not show the meaty parts of the blog unless the window is taking up the full screen.

Lin said...

Congrats to Carol!! Whooohoooo!

I share your same gripes, especially the ones where there is no new post for months, yet they keep dropping EC! I am #2 in my category and #1 lady hasn't posted since September! She keeps dropping to keep her #1 position--Why? Oh, darn, you got me started!

selahestelle said...

not a huge fan of music that automatically plays when you open a page. I responded to your nice comment on my blogge, thanks!

Marlaine said...

Congrats to the winner of your contest!

I think the thing that bugs me most is music that I can't turn off or the switch is hidden at the bottom of the blog where I can't find it until I'm so annoyed that I just shut down the window and make a mental note to not return to the blog.

Hot Rocks said...

A blog that takes forever to load, drives me nuts! As well, I have to agree with everyone else that mentioned music that automatically plays...especially when it is some kind of sappy tune! As well as non updated blogs..unless you are on vacation, or sick in hospital I think it is nice to post at least once a week. The other thing that turns me off is begging for money or donations, I don't mind if it is for a cause, or a charity, but I have seen some peoples blogs beg for money because they are in rough times, a or are a single parent. Please give me a break on that!!


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