Handmade Thanks!

So one of my primary roles as crazy Aunt Paige is to instill an appreciation for all things handmade. While Ani was over tonight we started making some Thank You cards for her birthday gifts. I got on a card making kick 5 years ago and still had some card stock and stamps. We embellished with ribbon and buttons. She didn't really like the one I made with buttons so we compromised by agreeing that it was for Grandma Lenox and not one of her friends.

She cracked me up when she said "What is happening? We must be growing apart." This was because she liked doing it one way and I liked another. I think it's a sign that she's growing up and has her own ideas which is actually a good thing. She can't just like what I like forever or that would be pretty boring.

I've started doing some Christmas shopping for the nieces and nephews and my main focus for this year is going to be on buying things they can make with their hands. I got Kai some drawing supplies and I will be getting the younger ones some kits to explore different creative outlets. Any suggestions for such gifts would be appreciated.


Lin said...

How about yarn and instructions for making friendship bracelets for their friends? My daughter still loves making them and she's 14!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Lin's suggestion for friendship bracelets is a great one! Mine isn't very original but puzzles are a great way for people to use their hands, their eyes and more than one person can join in!

Hot Rocks said...

Well coming from a jewelry designer...how about a beading kit, to make a bracelet or necklace! My granddaughter is 10 and she loves making jewelry.


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