Because I'm Worth It!

I just ordered myself the DSLR camera that I told myself that I would get in a few years today. Why, because I'm worth it. Because I have been taking lots of pictures and want to have the best equipment I can. Because my primary hobby of knitting is completely self sufficient and the money I made at this craft show was basically money in the bank. Because we will have all debt besides Mike's car and the house paid off by early next year. Because we don't have kids and can afford to treat ourselves to toys that we want but don't necessarily need. Basically because I really wanted it.

I chose the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens. I seriously compared my options over the past few days. At first I thought about going with the entry level Rebel XS but I decided for just $100 more it just didn't make sense to not get the next one up. I couldn't really justify the T1 with my current skills as it is really a low end professional in my opinion. I think that the XSi will grow with me. It has live view which was important to me and all the bells and whistles I could ask for. I went to an electronics store last night and held them to make sure it felt right in my hands. The XS felt cheaper made to me while the XSi just felt right.

The Nikons were nice but the Canons had the nobs and buttons in the same place as my Powershot and felt more familiar to me. I'm definitely a creature of habit and didn't want to have to learn a whole new software package and system along with learning my new camera. The Rebels seem to have a very loyal and devoted following so I think I will be very happy with my purchase.

I will probably want to get a better lens before too long but the kit lens will get me started just fine. I'm going to ask for a Rebel case from Mom for Christmas with a filter and spare battery pack. I also bought the
The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D Companion in paperback which should help me get more comfortable. I should have it in 2 days since I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. I'm looking into some photography classes for the new year that could help me improve my skills. I just had to share my exciting news since Mike has been completely uninterested in my endless comparisons of cameras.


Lin said...

Ooooh, have fun with that!! I'll be anxious to see your photos. :)

Ann said...

Oh you lucky girl. Good for you. I've been drooling over DSLR's for about a year now and maybe some day.
Have fun with it, can't wait to see all the playing you'll be doing with it

Becki said...

Very nice - congrats and enjoy!

Pricilla said...

I love my rebel. Get some extra lens caps.
Just sayin' from experience. But then I am chasing after goats all the time.

Now if you figure out how the video part works will you tell me?
heh heh

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I am jealous! :) You are definitely worth it - enjoy that beautiful toy!:)

Karen said...

You go girl!

Hot Rocks said...

Good for you! We all need to treat ourselves once and awhile, and sounds like you deserve this camera. I love Canon as well, and own the Powershot A640. My daughter purchased this same camera as you have ordered, 6 months ago, and is loving it! I am sure you will enjoy it too!

Theresa said...

Personally, I don't think you need to justify giving yourself a gift especially as hard as you've been working at both your jobs. You deserve it and I'm so happy for you. Have fun playing with it :)

Sinclair said...

Congrats! I am looking forward to seeing your photos and living vicariously.


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