Random Thoughts

Have I mentioned how freaking tired I have been lately. Right up until it is time to go to bed that is. Even with the antidepressant I've been taking to help with sleep I have been having a terrible time shutting my mind down and then I've been dragging myself through the day. This morning I was rushing around to get to work relatively on time. When I got into my office I realized that I hadn't brushed my hair or put on any makeup. Luckily I keep some things in my desk for touch ups but that is truly pathetic.

I took the sunset shot a few weeks ago when I happened to catch the light just right over the lake on the farm.

I do think I finally have all my holiday shopping done. I even managed to get a few trades set up by staying up until the wee hours scouring the official trade thread on Etsy. I'd say it's about 50% handmade for my family. The reason it's not higher is because I'm giving the kids mostly gifts that they can use to create things for themselves. As I talked about in this post I got most of the kids cameras and I got Kai mostly drawing supplies and a few books.

I also got my Dad poster size prints of his favorite pictures I took on the farm this year from Snapfish. My cousin was telling me how much better another printing company was but I've always been happy with the quality and turnaround time from Snapfish. I even got myself a a photo book with all my favorite shots from the past year in it. I used a 20% off coupon which made the price very reasonable. (NO this is not a paid ad, I just really like Snapfish.)

The cleaning ladies are thankfully coming today. As much as I hate getting the house ready for them I'm so glad we started using them this year. I've never had to tip house hold help before. In addition to a small cash tip I left them a note with an explanation for them to choose a scarf for themselves and to bring one back to their office manager that I've dealt with on the phone. I left 5 very nice scarves in different colors for them to choose from. I hope this isn't considered tacky but that is just how I roll.

I have never been looking forward to the week and half holiday break as much as I am this year. I can't wait to have some time to relax and hang out with the girls. I really just need a break to regroup and get ready for the new year. I'm definitely going to be making some changes with the new year. I've let myself go in a lot of ways this year and I need to recommit to my health and happiness. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this as time goes on.


Ann said...

Random thoughts are always good. I like reading about what on people's minds. I can relate to the dragging through the day and then can't sleep at night. I've also used snapfish in the past and was really happy with the service

Jen said...

I can't remember the last time I was on a thread at Etsy...who has time? I think the scarves were a terrific idea and I hope you have a restful break (me too, me too! :o)

Duni said...

What a beautiful gesture (not to mention awesome gift) for your cleaning ladies!
As for the tiredness...same here. But it's mostly due to the gloomy weather we are currently experiencing.
I like that picture.

Split Rock Ranch said...

I'm with you! I've been tired, have no motivation, etc. I think it is these short days of sunshine and the COLD that make us so sluggish.

Love the sunset shot!

I still haven't gotten all my Christmas shopping done and what a great idea to find a trade thread on Etsy - I had no idea there WAS such a thing! I'll have to check it out. I'm doing lots of handmade for my family and friends this year, too.

I think it was a wonderful gesture for you to offer handmade scarves to the cleaning crew. I personally find that much more meaningful than money.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!

Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad today.

Hot Rocks said...

The photo posters and books sound marvelous...I will have to look into that! Yes I agree, the New year is a perfect time to regroup and make changes, and like you, I have a few changes in mind as well. I am sure your cleaning ladies will love their scarves!


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