Christmas at the George House

I just wanted to share a few shots from the George family celebration tonight. It was the most photographed event you can imagine, especially after Ani opened up her camera. My sister in law just bought a DSLR herself so we had to whip them out and measure them as Mike so crassly put it.

I think the shot of Graham really captures the joy of Christmas in his face. He was equally ecstatic about the camera I got him, the Gameboy his parents got him, and even the coloring books he opened.

I liked this little moment between Mike and his Mom when she was giving him a nudge for something he had teased her about. She hates getting her picture taken so I think she spent a great deal of the night uncomfortable about all the flashes going off.

This shot was of Kai trying out all the new pencils I got him with a fancy sketch pad, and of course Ani had to try them too.

I liked this shot of Ani exploring her camera as Graham climbs perilously behind her. It kind of captures the craziness of Christmas and the calm moments combined. I'm hoping for clear weather as we head out early tomorrow morning. This will probably be my last post for a few days so I hope you all the best over the holidays!


Sandy said...

Looks like it was a hit all around! Merry Christmas George Family!!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I love the look on Graham's face! Happy Holidays!

randomcreative said...

Great pictures! Merry Christmas!

Ann said...

Great pictures. Love the excitement you captured in that one picture. Nothing beats seeing the thrill in a kids face.
Happy Holidays to you and your family

Pricilla said...

Such joy!

Nancy said...

Awh to be a kid again....It would be nice to be so excited about everything with no digression between value:) True happiness there. Also...Ani looks like a mini Paige in training with her 'macro shot' practice. Glad to see you all were surrounded by family, love, and happiness!

Duni said...

Hi Paige!

Looks like you had a fun-filled Christmas and your gifts were well received!
Wishing you a happy, healthy and successfull New Year!

the Lost Earring said...

Very sweet photos! Thanks for sharing :)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

It looks like a great celebration! :)


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