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So wedding season is now upon us. For most of us that means shopping for a wedding present or two and hunting for the perfect dress for the occasion. As most of you know I am a plus size diva and am always on the lookout for websites that cater to us. I believe that I may have recently found the perfect place to shop for that special occasion dress for people of absolutely any size. eShakti , tagline Just the Way You Are, has sizes 0-26 and will actually custom make a dress to your exact measurements whatever they are.

If you like a dress but prefer that the sleeves be short or capped or the length below the knee, or the neckline scooped, etc. you can have them change it for only $15 more. Their prizes are incredibly reasonable with most dresses falling in the $50-70 range. And when you register with their site they will e-mail you a gift code for $15 off your first purchase.

Here is what their site says:

In short, via the net, we ensure that every garment is uniquely made, for a specific customer. Our service is super-fast. We are accessible by toll-free phone and email. We listen hard, and keep in step with the customer. There is no one else who gives you guaranteed full size selections at all time.

This is not a sponsored post and I actually haven't bought anything from them yet. This is merely a service announcement since I know many of you are probably thinking about what to wear to that wedding later this summer and I wanted to help a sister out. The ones I'm showing are a few that I'm considering for our friend's beach themed wedding later this summer. I'm going to wait a month to order it since I'm hoping to have dropped a dress size by then.


Ann said...

Sounds like a great place to shop especially changing a dress for only 15.00 extra. That's pretty cheap.

Lin said...

Oh, that would be nice to have the option to have something made. I hate trying to find the right dress. Ugh.

Sinclair said...

I like them in reverse order. Third one is my fave, second one second, and that one up top would be third on my list. Wonderful that you can customize and that the size range will fit us all. Thanks for sharing your find.

Split Rock Ranch said...

I hate shopping for something specific. If I'm window shopping and I find something I love, that's icing on the cake. But it seems like every time I know exactly what I want I cannot find it anywhere! What's up with that?! Does anyone else have that problem?

I like all these dresses but I like the second one the best.

Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad today!


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