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So I was catching up on my Colbert Report viewing on the DVR yesterday. I watched an episode that aired last week with an interview of Mark Frauenfelder, the editor of Make magazine. Make is a brother to Craft magazine which I've read before and has a lot of great crafty ideas. Make is a more masculine magazine for manly projects like making a remote control lawnmower or building a chicken coup in your backyard.

The interview is about his newly released book called Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World. I found the exchange very informative and Stephen's reactions to the gadgets he brought was amusing. For those of you who don't watch the Colbert Report you should know that Stephen Colbert is a persona that is everything I hate about the far right, but he does it in a hilarious way.

Mark tells him why he loves making things with his hands that he can share with his friends since it is like sharing a part of himself. Stephen said that is exactly why he prefers buying mass produced crap since he doesn't have to worry about throwing it away and breaking that connection. You can watch the entire exchange from their website by clicking on the box above.

I've got the book in my cart on Amazon and I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to read it.


Ann said...

I liked when he asked him if he was an elf....lol

Anonymous said...

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Sinclair said...

Thanks for sharing. there should be more elves hand making things, for sure!

Nancy said...

Love the Colbert Show, never miss it thanks to DVR!!


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