No blog Vacation!

Someone asked if I would be still blogging during my summer shop holiday. For sures to that. My blog is definitely just as important of a hobby and outlet as my knitting now. As work gets stressful over the summer I may not have as much time to keep up with all of you but I'll still be around.

I just applied to my favorite craft show of the year, the Strange Folk Festival. I got an e-mail reminder but also a notice that they are getting record applications this year with the growth of the festival last year. She stressed that just because we were accepted last year does not guarantee a spot this year. So keep your fingers crossed with me that I get a spot. I do so enjoy the spirit and camaraderie of my fellow strange folks each year.

The application stresses the importance of branding and web presence. I hope that my shop being closed this summer doesn't affect my chances. The fact that my blog is the first one that comes up on the first page when you google it should help. I'm wishing I'd had time to do some new pictures to enter but I really wanted to get my application in before we went on vacation. I used the one at the top which I think is interesting and has a lot of views on Flickr and a few other favorites from last Fall. I'll keep you posted.


Meekiyu said...

wish you super luck on being accepted! =X ! I think the picture is good.. really shows the texture of the yarn and the detail of the work =D

Ann said...

Duke and I are both sending you lots of wishes for good luck, not that we think you'll need it but it can't hurt :P

Theresa said...

Paige, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get accepted. Also, enjoy the time off. I know I needed my time away and now I feel like I have some new ideas as well as the desire to sell again.

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Yay! Ur gonna stay on blogging!

good luck with the acceptance...you sure make a mean scarf!


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