Handmade Back to School 2

Yesterday I shared some of my favorites from my Handmade Back to School treasury. Today I want to share a few more that I think are both cute and practical. I read an article yesterday about how some school supply lists are getting a bit out of control. Some schools are even requesting kids bring in toilet paper and trash bags. Who wouldn't want to brighten up their school supply list with a few handmade creations to add that one of a kind style to their locker.

Every kid should have their own unique lunch bag with a squirrel or some other pattern from Julie Meyer's shop full of Insulated Lunch Bags and Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags. Or how about that very retro Eclectic pencil holder from Glitter Bits.

What strange requests have your kids come home with on their school supply lists?


Ann said...

Thankfully I don't have kids in school any longer. That seems like a bit much asking them to bring in toilet paper and garbage bags. Aren't our tax dollars supposed to pay for that?
I love those reusable lunch bags.

elsiee said...

squirrel lunch bag - I sooooo want it for me...


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