Is it Friday yet?

This week is literally the most insane week of the year at my job. Monday was the last day to pay for Fall classes. Tuesday we dropped over a thousand students for non-payment and yesterday we saw close to 500 students in my office between around 10 counselors re-registering or reworking their schedules. When I got there at 8 a.m. there was a line all the way down the first floor, up the stairs, down the second floor, up the stairs, and all the way down the third floor hallway. There was a constant stream of students until I left at 7 p.m. I have been up and down on my ankle around every 15 minutes and I can totally feel it tonight. My head has been in a total fog. Tuesday night was the second week of my latest photography class from the photo resource center. This one is called the Image Within and it focuses on advanced composition and design. Our assignment for the week was to photograph at least 5 subjects in our backyard every day and to bring in our favorite shot from each day. I actually completed the assignment, spending at least 15 minutes in my backyard for 6 days at different times each day. I spent several hours going through my shots and editing my favorites. I created a file and named the shots, put my flash drive in my hard drive and went to class. When she pulled up my flash drive the file was no where to be found. All that work for nothing.

So I'm sharing some of my favorites here. Our assignment for next week is to focus on texture, patterns, and lines and bring in 6 shots. I will probably use the Buddha shot and maybe even the spider web so I will get some use out of them after all. I have another scarf with really cool lines that I'm planning on photographing this weekend.

My brother is healing nicely. Thanks for all the well wishes. He and his girlfriend made it back to Miami this week and he is still planning on going on another business trip next week. My job may be pretty stressful this time of year but at least I don't have to worry about traveling to BFE while I'm healing from major surgery. Ham just can't seem to slow down.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

what a rough day at work.. but today is Friday, so yay!

Your pictures are beautiful. I hope your ankle is feeling better today!

Ann said...

Sounds like you had one crazy day at work. And I thought I was glad it was Friday, you must be ecstatic.
Gorgeous pictures, really like the spider web. Too bad about your pictures not being there when you got to class.
Glad to hear your brother is doing well. Now go take care of that ankle :)

Anonymous said...

Still having fun with that camera, eh? Glad to hear your brother is doing well and sorry to hear you are so hectic at work right now :(

Sinclair said...

Your photos are really progressing! I am glad that your brother is doing well.

Lin said...

I like your photos. Good choices for textures.

Sounds like your life is crazy these days. Hope it slows down a bit to enjoy. :)


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