9 year old Diva

I got together last night with Ani to plan her upcoming birthday party that I'm hosting for 7 or 8 nine year olds. Yes, I am truly a glutton for punishment. We had already decided on a nature and organic theme. I had some floral invitations and a felted flower jewelry project for us to do at the party. She got out her Oriental Trading Post catalog so that we could look for a few decorations and things for the goody bags. The next thing I know we are looking at the Rock Star party pages and before you could tune an instrument I had a pink plastic guitar in my cart along with various other Rock Star themed items.

I'll make some diva fabulous little scarves out of some sparkly boa yarn I have and I ordered a few guitar themed craft projects that we can work on along with a crazy guitar shaped pinata. She will only be a 9 year old Diva once in her life so I guess we are putting the natural theme on hold for now. The picture above is an outfit we got this summer on one of our shopping expeditions. That little girl knows how to play me like a pink guitar!


Theresa said...

Don't forget to get in the karaoke machine with plenty of Def Leppard and Motley Crue...lol. Good luck for the birthday party and don't forget to stock up on the aspirin beforehand.

Lin said...

She is adorable! I'm with you--they are only 9 once and you have to spoil them while you can. They grow up too fast and you'll be wishing you had more fun. Ani is very lucky to have you in her life! :)

Michelle said...

What an adorable little girl. Hope the party is a success. Sounds like you have some really fun things planned. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment regarding my foster care post. You're awesome!

Erica said...


She is adorable, and it sounds like it will be a great party!

Anonymous said...

Awh, Ani is so lucky to have an aunt like you!! Enjoy:)


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