Yoshimi Battles The Pink Scarf

I've never participated in Music Monday and I don't know if this post counts to be honest. For those of you who have never listened to the Flaming Lips song Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robot Part I I highly recommend you follow this link. You wouldn't know it by the title or even some of the quirky lyrics but I think it is a very deep and moving love song. A love song about a fighter named Yoshimi who is taking lots of vitamins but a love song none the less. I think different people take different things away from the song and as many times as I've listened to it I can always find something new to discover. I just read in Wikapedia that someone is writing a Broadway musical based on Yoshimi and the album which I think is fascinating.

I love the song so much that I named the scarf at the top after it, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Scarf . For one reason it's the right color of pink and I thought it had a bit of a Japanese look to it. I just wanted to share this little gem for those who had written the Flaming Lips off or never heard of them. Let me know what you think.


Cassandra Watsham said...

I love this album, and your scarf is a great tribute!

Gray Eyed Scorpio said...

Haven't listened to that album in YEARS! Good reminder.

Martha said...

I love this, that is so cool, Paige. Pink Rocks!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it and also the happy memory re.The Flaming Lips.

lorenabr said...

Thank you! Like your stuff. I knit tooooooooooo a lot.

Nancy said...

Saw them live once:) Lovely scarf too. I think music is such a source of inspiration to creative people, because we get it, we get the nuances within the music and lyrics. They go hand in hand.


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