Birthday Ham?

You all made me feel better about my first bad experience with a craft show customer. I definitely learned from it and will be prepared next time. I don't think it would have bothered me so much if she hadn't chosen 3 really nice scarves including the one above which I had actually contemplated keeping. I may have enough yarn to recreate in if I make it more narrow. It's all a learning experience that's for sure. I had so many good interactions with customers that I really can't let one bad apple spoil anything for me. I particularly loved the women who bought one scarf on Saturday and loved it so much she came back on Sunday to get 3 more for herself and gifts.

So, moving on. I have obviously been a bit focused on Strange Folk the past few weeks. I'm sure you're ready to hear about something else. Unfortunately I've got nothing. So I decided to look at my webmaster tools to see what people were actually reading on my blog and saw some interesting things. First off did you know that you can use it to find out which searches you are ranked in? Here are some of the top google searches that I come up in and the ranking:

strange folk festival
craft show ideas 9

fall scarves
good advice for life 7
birthday ham 1

sales dance
color quizes 9

booth display
lenox anniversary gifts 9

someone who knits

I'm happy that I'm the first blog to come up in search under just about any combination of the words Strange Folk Festival. I have also had a lot of people find me by searching for craft show ideas and other combinations including the words craft show recently and I hope they found some things that were helpful to them. But who knew that I was a source for "good advice for life." I think the Birthday Ham is hilarious. I did a happy birthday post for my brother, whose name is Hamilton or Ham for short. I don't think whoever was searching for birthday ham ideas got what they were looking for here.

That's all I've got today. We're going to Archon this weekend in Illinois. It's my husband's favorite weekend of the year when he can be as nerdy as he wants to be and nobody judges. I should have some interesting pictures to share on Monday of the festivities.


Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Happy Archon weekend. Jon's going to Farm Aid with his Dad this weekend. That's almost as good as a whole weekend at an arcade festival.
Enjoy the nerds!

selahestelle said...

Birthday Ham! Ha! I'll have to look into what brings me up. I know I'm the first if you plug in selahestelle, but why wouldn't I be? Plus, who's going to plug that in? I don't think I'll get anything as amusing as birthday ham though! Glad you got your show over and done with and can breathe a little easier now!

Lin said...

Is that a good thing or a bad one when you are first when it comes to Strange Folk searches??! :)

Martha said...

Have a great weekend at Archon. Nerds Rule!!!
Sorry about that loser customer, Paige.

Waterrose said...

I have never heard of a strange folk festival. That would be cool if there were one held here....

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're in better spirits about the events of the festival. It's hard when you're close to a situation that makes heat rise to your face not to dwell on it and let it overshadow all of the good. That's so exciting about the return customer. So I guess it's true about the balance of life. Let's just try not to let it go unnoticed.

lorenabr said...

Like your blog. Great stuff you have.


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