In Need of Zen

I'm in serious need of some zen tonight so I'm featuring the scarflette of that name. I haven't been feeling great for about a week. No fever so it's not the swine but just feeling run down and whiny. My big toe hurts tonight, feels like its infected or something. Today was the first day of spring registration, believe it or not. We had well over 400 students come in as walk-ins today. That was just before I left at 4:30 so I have no idea how the night crew handled this evening.

It wasn't just that we had students hanging from the rafters, but because there were also so many students registering at home the system slowed down to mud. A registration that would normally take me about a minute to enter, when the student already knew what they wanted was taking at least 5 or 6. If I had to do searches for classes it was taking up to 15 minutes per student.

I can't blame the students. They were perfectly content to wait over 2 hours to see a counselor if it meant they got the schedule they wanted. Many of these kids are the ones who ended up with terrible schedules last semester when we ran out of good class times for them in June. They are being proactive which we told them to do but it was seriously exhausting.

I was a total witch to Mike all evening too. He said the wrong thing to me when I walked in the door and the rest of the night was downhill from there. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I promise not to whine again here if it isn't.


Karen said...

I have been feeling the same. Not exactly sick but not feeling great. I hope you don't have gout in your toe. Drink lots of water!

Ann said...

Aw sorry such a rough day. Hope you're feeling better soon. And if you want to whine go right ahead, it's your blog and you can whine if you want to :)

Theresa said...

I really think the change of seasons can change our demeanor. I hope you are feeling better today. If not then whine away...it is your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Next time tell Mike to have your turkey pot pie waiting for you if he knows what's good for him.


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