Happy Birthday Dear Little Sis

Today is my beautiful, smart, and independent baby sister's birthday. The above picture is from the early 80's and is our all time favorite picture together. I love how smug we both look about the absolutely comical outfits we are wearing. Purple kitty sweater and matching leg warmers and the elementary school teacher bow tie blouse and long shorts, what more can I say...
I took this picture this summer of her feet. She has always hated her feet and I am always telling her that there is nothing wrong with them so it is a bit of a running joke between us.

She's just coming out of a 5 year relationship and has a lot of upheaval going on in her life right now. She and I have always been extremely close but I have felt as though there has been a huge bridge between us the past few years. I guess I said some things I shouldn't have after the last breakup and made her uncomfortable after they got back together. Yes, I should have known better and I'm trying to keep my mouth shut this time. (I know no one in my family reads my blog so I feel safe talking here in case you were concerned.) I really hope that we can get our old relationship back somehow. I know it will never be exactly the same but I hope that the tension will ease after awhile.

My brother is giving her a very special birthday weekend. He used his miles to fly her to Miami and his latest and greatest new girlfriend works for a beach side resort. She has comped them a room complete with full spa services and dinner at a 5 star restaurant.

I am really hoping that she decides to move back to good old MO. It feels really lonely with my other sister gone and it would be nice to have some support as my parents get older and we have to make decisions about the farm. I'm trying my best to stay out of her decisions this time though and can only hope she knows how much I love and respect her.


selahestelle said...

Oh, my heart is with you! My sister and I have had some trying times and I know how tense and difficult this kind of thing can be. It sounds like you are in the right place to make some headway and mend those bridges though and I wish you so much luck!
Your post reminded me of one of my sister's and my favorite songs. Terri Hendrix "The Sisters Song", she's a local artist here in Austin. It's great, all about the dependence on each other, but also letting each other go.

selahestelle said...

oh! P.S. You're right, there's nothing wrong with her feet. Is the yarn in the background supposed to say "Boo"?

Lenox Knits said...

OMG selahestella, I hadn't noticed that the rope spelled out BOO until you mentioned it. How timely is that. You win the prize for most observant commentor of the month!

selahestelle said...



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