Photo Fever

I am so itching to get out there and start taking pictures again. Being confined to my couch for 5 weeks so soon after getting my new DSLR Canon Rebel XSi was such terrible timing. I had to postpone the photography class I had booked for January/February and have barely taken it out of the case all year long. I had just bought the camera strap from Lucky Straps and it came a week before the fall so it's still waiting to be put to use.

Last night I discovered that I have never processed my check from the last craft show I did. I didn't get it until January and it has sat there all this time. That is actually a good thing because it probably would have been frittered away by now if Mike had deposited it when it came. I've decided to put it towards a new lens or glass as the pros call it for the camera. They say the quality of your lenses is more important than your camera in terms of picture quality.

Right now I have my kit lens and a few attachments I had from before, including a wide angle and a telephoto no name brand. I have over $400 to spend which sounds like a lot to anyone but camera geeks. Lenses can be so expensive and I've been torn about what to put my money towards as I want it to grow with me. I think I need to take the step up from my kit lens and get a good all around lens that will be appropriate for most situations. I don't see myself carrying tons of lenses with me everywhere and changing them out for each environment.

I've read really good things about Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens.
It is actually the kit lens on some of the professional cameras Canon makes and can be used on film as well as digital SLRs. The biggest complaint I read about it is that it's heavy. This concerns me enough to think about the Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 Image Stabilized USM SLR Lens which is lightweight because it's made especially for the Rebel cameras. The reviews for this one are not as good and there are concerns with it's wide angle and low light capabilities. They both have a good zoom and Image Stabilization which means I won't have to carry a tripod around everywhere.

If I get the refurbished by Canon lens for either of the above I could also get the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II which is only $90 and is considered the best deal in a Canon lens out there. It is perfect for Portraiture and low light settings which should lesson the problem of the second lens from above. Adorama has refurbished lenses which have been inspected by Canon and have a full year warranty on them for around $100 less than the new lens. Most people have had fine experiences buying refurbished from Canon but there is a slight hesitation for me as I've never done it before.

I know there are some photography freaks out there who check in here. If you have any advice for this glass buying novice please share. I'm wanting to stick with the Canon brand as I trust their quality. I'm really hoping to get out there soon and figure out what my camera and I am capable of.


Ann said...

First of all I love that camera strap. As soon as I leave here I'm checking out that link.
As for lenses I know absolutely nothing so I'm interested to hear what answers you get to this. Now that I have a DSLR I of course want another lense or two. I'm just never satisfied...lol I do know from shopping around though that they can get VERY pricey.

Meekiyu said...

I don't know too much about photography and cameras but my bf recently got a DSLR and drags me everywhere to look at lens. I know what you mean about high prices. o_o!

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

What an awesome camera! I'm a Nikon fan, myself, but some swear by Cannon. If you are going to get into photography, you have to play around with b&w photography in a dark room. Although film is becoming so obsolete, developing film and making contact sheets was one of my favorite things to do!

Waterrose said...

I have the same camera and I adore it. Hubby got me a macro lens for Christmas. It's a Tamron Sp Di and it is fabulous. But, it is heavy. I saw on M.Stewart today a canon with an amazing telephoto lens, but it weighed 20lbs! Think we need to do some upper body weight training to use some of these lenses!

Sinclair said...

trying not to be jealous of your fancy camera...I love that strap! Can't wait to see what lens you choose. Living vicariously...

selahestelle said...

I love that you find a strap that suits your aesthetic so perfectly. Kudos!


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