Spring has finally Sprung!

So, I actually sweated today for the first time in months and tomorrow it is supposed to get into the 70's. Can you believe that Spring is finally here! This has been one very long, very dark winter for me so to be mobile just as the spring arrives is such a great sign. I saw the first sign of a flower in my backyard this weekend. You can see it above barely visible under all the dry leaves and debris. Kind of like me this year. I'm ready to get rid of the dry skin and nasty walking boot and wear sandals and capris. Aww, how nice will it be to get a pedicure and put on my Birki's for the first time this year. You have no idea how sweet that will be for me.

I'm also sharing a few shots of the girls dying eggs at the farm from a few weeks ago. Kate was very carefree about the whole thing but Jess took it all very serious. As serious as you can be with bunny ear clamps in your hands that is. I'm getting really excited to start the Spring Celebration. I'll probably post it tomorrow so please stay tuned. It's going to be fun!


Meekiyu said...

oo its been dreary here too in nyc and we're hoping for great weather this weekend. I haven't dyed eggs in ages! Great to see kids having so much fun =D

Nancy said...

Awh...I can't wait to have kids for many reasons, but one is to do things like that again. Some things just feel pathetic if you do them alone as an adult:(

Glad you're feeling much better and the fact that it's coinciding with the coming of spring does make it so exciting and metaphorical too. Miss you Paige. Tired of making excuses for not being online. Bottom line= I have to stop teaching. Something. Bleh.

Ann said...

I used to have some of those bunny clamp things for dyeing eggs.

Hali said...

I love coloring easter eggs


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