Upcycle Exchange Open House

Let me start off by saying that I'm excited to be going to this month's Upcycle Exchange meeting this Sunday, which is an open house this time around. I joined in January and have missed every single meeting because of my broken ankle. I'm sure that I will bringing at least one bag of yarn and other supplies home all for $10. It is in South St. Louis city which is becoming the hipster mecca. It is where those who wish they lived in Brooklyn live when they are forced to settle in St. Louis. I'm not saying that in a bad way. It does suck that it is so far away from where I live though.

I would now like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to vent for a few moments. I'm really getting sick of waking up to banging as the siding guy drags his project on past 2 weeks. We got a deal on siding for the house but who knew it was going to be one old guy with bad knees. Once we got the siding and windows paid off in a year or so we were then going to remodel the bathrooms. Well, I now have a hole in my shower which Mike seems to think will require a major fix. I was holding onto the towel rack/soap dish for balance and the whole thing came off in my hand taking a chunk of dry wall with it the other night. We knew the whole wall was going to have to be replaced eventually but not necessarily so soon. So now I have to shower in Mike's annoying shower stall which I hate. He's going to Lowe's to try to come up with some temporary fix today.

My foot is incredibly swollen today. It doesn't hurt but there is fluid built up all around the ankle and even up into my calf. I think it's because I had it down most of the day yesterday and I was on walk-ins all afternoon with a constant stream of students. I'm wearing one of those tight white stockings today which I hate. I really should have gone to Physical Therapy this morning but I woke up with a sinus headache and just turned the alarm off. But then 15 minutes later the banging started and the neighbor dogs started barking so it was really not worth it.

I'll stop venting now. It really is a gorgeous day and since Mike is off for Spring Break I have him running my errands for me today. I'm thankful that I can walk now without my cane and that I have my independence back. I really can't complain about my job since I'm really thankful that I have one.


Ann said...

oh too bad about the ankle. hope the swelling goes down soon.
Sounds like fun times with the siding project. Wonder why they failed to mention it was just one old guy doing the work

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

SO so sorry about your broken ankle!! Heal soon! Happy Spring!

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Man, that ankle is really giving you a time, huh? Oh, and the next time the siding guy wakes you up, dump a glass of water out the window over his head :)


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