Spring Flowers

I haven't really spotted many Spring flowers yet for some reason around here. I'm hoping this weekend we might start to see some colorful bursts that I can capture. The top shot is from last Spring on the farm with the girls. It's one of my favorites and it always puts a smile on my face when I see it. The daffodils are going to bloom without me this year on the farm I'm afraid.

The second shot is of a knitted wire wrist cuff for sale here on my Etsy site. It is a perfect spring accessory in great pastel colors.

I'm so thrilled with the response to my Spring Celebration. I thought I would give you a hint at some of what you can expect starting April 1. I will have interviews and a few tutorials from the participants. So far I have a selection of handmade soaps, a quilted pillow, a spring pearl necklace, a gorgeous pendant, an appliqued tee shirt, a novelty knitted item, a skein of handspun yarn in Spring colors, some knitted Spring accessories, and a selection of DIY craft books from my library.

Something for everyone if I do say so myself. Many of the participants are blog buddies of mine and there are a few new faces that I'm excited to introduce to you all. If you are interested in participating there is still time to let me know. I will need to know by March 30 and you can e-mail me at lenoxknits@yahoo.com to get more details.

I've decided that I'm going to spread the joy and have multiple winners. I think that I've decided to have one big giveaway with a first prize winner who gets the first choice of item and on from there, instead of a series of small giveaways. It will be easier to keep the buzz going for everyone and easier for me to promote it. My main goal for this week is to get the interviews done and to come up with a graphic for the giveaway.


Lisa B. said...

The first day of spring for me brought 8" of snow! :( I'm hoping my spring flowers start blooming soon too.

Ann said...

no signs of flowers here yet either. Soon for both of us I hope

Anonymous said...

I love that cuff! No flowers here yet either. Oh, and I am going to get back to you on the email...tomorrow morning :)

Sinclair said...

I love that cuff! I emailed you about the spring celebration. Mr. Nature would like to participate.

Split Rock Ranch said...

No flowers here but lots of green shoots coming up in the pastures!

I've chosen the yarn skein for the Spring Celebration Giveaway. I'll send pics soon.


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