Camera Regrets

Remind me to never listen to Mike again. He convinced me to leave my good camera at home last night and to just bring my Point and Shoot. I was kicking myself the whole time that I wasn't able to capture the randomness of the night. We went down to 2720 Cherokee in South City to see a friend's folk band play. It's a warehouse type venue with large art installations everywhere and lots of interesting people that would have made cool shots if I'd had the proper equipment.

Upstairs there was a fashion show going on when we got there for Vixen's Wardrobe, a St. Louis based designer who makes very urban and flashy clothes. There were lots of bright colors and I could have gotten some great shots if I'd had my fast camera. The purple dress was my favorite from the show, although to be honest I was definitely not the target market for her collection. It was funny to see the hippies wander in from the downstairs, and I got annoyed when some of them were eating up the food that the designers had obviously put out for the potential buyers.

It was supposedly The River City Buskers last show together so we figured we had better get out and see them before it was too late and we were not disappointed. Mike went to high school with Ryan Spearman and we've been to a solo show of his before and really enjoy his folksy sound. You could tell that the group had been together for many years and really enjoyed playing with each other. I'm sure it will be hard for them to let go of that comradery but life does get in the way. Ryan is the only person I know that actually makes a living off of his music but I know it can't be easy as you reach a certain age to keep living the dream. This is the only halfway decent shot I got of Ryan and it's really grainy because I had to have the ISO so high.

The one thing I will say is that I was a little bit grateful that I didn't have my good camera as were were walking to our car over a block away after midnight in a not so nice part of town. But I sure would like to see what pictures I would have gotten if I'd had my good camera cause I'm pretty sure it would have been worth that few moments of unease.


Lin said...

That is a constant battle with myself--when do I lug the good camera and lenses and when do I leave it home? There are lots of occasions that I just don't want to lug equipment and I just bring the little one. I know the shots aren't as good, but at least I have captured the moment. It's a tough call, isn't it??

Jo said...

Been there, done that!! It is a constant struggle for me too!

Lydia said...

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Ann said...

I've yet to take my good camera anywhere other than the back yard. Now how stupid is that? At least you did have a camera with you. We went to a Medieval fair one time, I had the camera but I forgot extra batteries. I got 3 pictures for the whole day. THAT sucked :)


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