Random Recipe

Last week when I was cooking one of our favorite pasta dishes I randomly decided to take pictures of the process. I can't even remember what cook book I found this recipe in but I do remember when I read the ingredients I thought this is so random it has to be good. It's a super fast fix and Mike literally licks his plate every time. It's actually healthy and has a very distinct and different taste which is surprisingly tasty. The ingredients:

Whole wheat spaghetti
Italian seasoned diced tomatoes
can of tuna
Olive oil
Tin of anchovies
Parmesan cheese

I usually throw in a can of black olives but I didn't have any on hand last week. First you prepare the spaghetti noodles. Once the water is boiling and I've added the spaghetti to the pot I will start the sauce. First I pour the contents of the tin of anchovies into a pan and cut them up into small pieces. When I first started making this I just used a third of the anchovies, then I moved to half and now I use the whole tin. Anchovies are an acquired taste but they are the key ingredient that take this sauce from ordinary to something special. I add some extra olive oil and once you can start to smell the anchovies I pour the undrained can of tomatoes into the pan.
This is when I would also usually add the black olives and as I like the black olive flavor I will use the juices in the bottom of the can. I let this simmer on medium heat until there is about 2 minutes left on the pasta timer and then I add the drained can of tuna. I usually add some Italian seasoning or fresh basil on hand.
I then pour this mixture onto the pasta and mix it up good. I sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top and it's done.

I have been really slacking off with my diet and cooking lately. We've been eating out way too much and I've not gone to a weight watcher's meeting in over a year. I'm at my most unhealthy weight ever which is something I've struggled with most of my adult life. Mike is trying to get me motivated again because when we work together as a team we have been able to lose weight and be much healthier and happier together.


Ann said...

That is quite a combination there. It does look good though. Sometimes the oddest sounding recipes are the ones that taste the best

Hot Rocks said...

Your spaghetti looks yummy! Keep positive with the weight loss, it is tough, but don't give up! (If you need any tips let me know.)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I love anything pasta.. and everything is better with parm.. i even eat in on popcorn!

And I meant to tell you, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog..hearing from you that you think i found my artistic voice, really means a lot - a lot! you are a dear!

Campbell Jane said...

I love anchovies in my spaghetti sauce, never thought of tuna. May just give it a try!

Sinclair said...

I am no doctor or nutritionist, but from experience, I can say that the key is ZERO fast food, ZERO soft drinks (including diet drinks) and close to zero eating out. It takes practice, but once your body stops nagging at you from the eating out withdrawals (they lasted two years for me before I no longer was tempted by fast food in any way), but it is oh so much healthier in the long run. it helps to avoid pre-processed and packaged foods (like microwavable fare) also...Just my thoughts...good luck with your progress, and I am impressed with your increased photography knowledge!


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