Happy Memorial Day!

Americana Patriotic Paper Mache Big Eye Bird with Primitive Flag

I hope that you all are enjoying your Memorial Day festivities, whatever that means to you. I have made my pasta salad and we will be heading over to my mother in law's soon for the requisite barbecue. I'm hoping that I won't do too much damage to my new diet with those irresistible cheesy potatoes.

I put together a treasury east, such a fun way to waste time, of some unique takes on Americana. You can check the entire list out here. Wouldn't it be cool if it made the front page. Of course it will never happen because Etsy would never put something up that was relevant but one can always dream.


Pricilla said...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
I will head over to check out your treasury

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Have a wonderful and fun memorial day with your family.

Ann said...

Yum cheesy potatoes. Have a great time


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