Got my new shoes On!

I've talked before about my shoe issues. I have a strange compulsion to buy shoes but rarely wear anything other than my well worn Birkenstocks. After my broken ankle I went on a silly shopping expedition from my couch trying to find comfortable shoes that would fit my highly swollen foot, while still fitting on the good foot. This was a failed mission. I have been wearing my silver and brown birks for the past few months. The silver fit fine but the brown have a strap that cuts right at my most swollen part of the ankle, creating a bizarre bubble effect by the end of the day. I will refrain from showing you a picture for once!

I was briefly at the Warrenton Outlet Mall recently and wandered into the SAS Outlet, which stands for San Antonio Shoes. They are Handcrafted shoes made from the hands of Master Craftsmen all done with fine leather. I spotted the perfect solution to my problem. They are called The Cozy and totally live up to the name. They are so soft and felt like putting on an old friend from the first moment. The great thing about them is that they have Velcro which allows me to tighten or loosen the strap to a wide degree throughout the day as needed. I don't think they look any more old ladyish than my Birkenstocks. I can even feel good about the fact that they were handmade and can watch a video of how they are made on their website.

They also have some other styles and I might have to invest in a pair of their black shoes for the Fall. They weren't cheap but you get what you pay for. When you have foot pain you realize how important good shoes are even more strongly.


Ann said...

I think they look pretty comfy. Being the cheapo that I am I've always just bought cheap shoes but lately with the way my feet feel at the end of a working day I'm willing to pay more for a good pair of shoes.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I absolutely always go with comfort when it comes to shoes and clothes. I like that tan color and they look so comfortable. I do alot of walking so I need what fits well and is comfortable.

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

Those are some Nice Shoes girl. I wear stocks, and lotso healthy shoes. have for decades and my feet, back and attitude thank me for them everyday. have you seen the naots ? niiiiice and stylish, wide and they even have a reflexology sole with the bumps. they are made to last forever and they have a few sexy styles too. like those lil ankle straps with the 1" spool like heel. even tho we think they're sexy other people will say, he look at those sexy old lady shoes, those are hitting.

trust me, My Ferragamo's envy my Birkenstocks and Footcomfuts.

IndieCEO / GalleriaLinda said...

I love SAS! I find that my SAS shoes are my staple. know you will love these!


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