Change in Plan

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I recently found out that I did not get into the Rock n Roll Craft Show this year. I have to admit that this was a huge disappointment to me. There is a $40 jury fee that you don't get back for one thing. I was also counting on it being my other big venue since it was my best show last year. I sold a ton of scarves there last year and made more in one weekend than I've ever made at a show before. I thought that since they got a 15% cut of that amount that I would have a good chance at getting in again but I was wrong.

I looked at the vendors that did get in and the knitters appear to make big cowls or use higher priced yarns. I guess that they are trying to make it more like a high end boutique event but I don't think that they are going to make as much this year because of it.

So I've been scrambling around the last 2 weeks trying to come up with some alternatives. After talking to my Mom about it I think I now have a partial plan. I have decided to do the big Holiday Bazaar in my hometown of Rolla. My mom and I used to go to this together pretty regularly and it is my first memory of a craft show environment. It is obviously a more traditional craft show than I have been doing for the past few years but I think that is ok. I just need to whip up a bunch of lower end scarves in the next month to get myself ready for it.

My mom knows just about everyone in the town so I'm going to have her sit at my booth with me. Mike thinks I will have a lot of sales from the locals who stop to chat with her. They will see something they like, and because it is Joyce's daughter they will go ahead and buy it when normally they would have walked away. So yes, I plan on pimping my mother out for my business.

I am also looking into a few other alternatives that will be a better venue for my more creative work. I really hate having to rework my plans this late in the game but you have to go with the flow. I've been really lucky so far about getting into the shows that I have wanted so I shouldn't be too discouraged but that is easier said than done.


Dyeabolical said...

I don't have enough yarn for a whole booth at Tower Grove Farmers Market on October 23. I'm sharing with Katatomic Labs that day, but you're welcome to come and bring a rack or two.

Little Tesoro said...

Sometimes these things happen for a reason. You have gorgeous items and I sure you will do great at the alternative venues. Best of luck to you.


Nancy said...

So sorry you didn't get in this year! What a bummer! But it's great that you have an alternative plan that seems like it will have a big payoff too.

Ann said...

Well the Rock and Roll craft show doesn't know what they are missing by not accepting you. Sorry you didn't make it in but I think your plan B sounds like a good one.

Evermore Organics said...

Wow its a bit lame that they didn't invite you back, and that they ask you for a non-refundable fee. I've never heard of such a thing! Better shows will come your way!

Lin said...

I love the idea of using your mom as your ringer! ;) Whatever works, right? Good luck, pally. I hope you score big.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Oh, I'm sorry! I remember you saying how well you did last year. I hope that the Bazaar ends up doing just as good! (I would pimp my Mom out too, LOL)

Duni said...

Oh, I'm sorry you didn't get in. The fee is a bit steep, I think.
I'm positive you'll sell LOTS at the other craft shows. The best of luck to you, Paige!!!


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