Oh So Missoni!

Generally speaking I don't much keep up on trends in the world of fashion. I have had pretty much the same sense of style since I was 13. I like bold patterns, long skirts, loose knits, and chunky jewelry. I do most of my clothes shopping at thrift or resell shops, supplemented by the occasional online outlet purchase from my favorite big girl shops Torrid and Ulla Popken.

I sometimes like to rate the runway looks on Elle. About 90% of the time my favorite look is the least popular one which says a lot about my ability to choose what is popular. I, of course, watch Project Runway religiously, thanks Lifetime for actually giving us a riveting season this year. But other than those two fashion diversions I am pretty much out of the high fashion loop.

The one designer that I do actively follow or at least check out each season is Missoni. This really shouldn't be any surprise as Missoni is known for knitwear and bold patterns. This year I love the fall RTW collection even more perhaps than the scarftastic 2009 line. I love the patchwork knits and use of granny squares. And how cool are the high collars and scarflettes on every single look. I really like the ones with zippers, like the blue one here. I'm totally wondering if I could find a way to use zippers in my own work.

I love the color palette which is perfect for fall and winter. I also really like the interesting shapes of the knitwear and the asymmetrical looks. I will definitely be thinking about them as I add to my inventory in the coming months.

I also checked out the Spring 2011 line that just showed on the runway and all I can say is WOW. The wild colors and prints are absolutely mind boggling. Some might say head ache inducing but not I. I love the hats and scarves. Each look had a colorful scarf wrapped around the neck which I think is awesome for Spring.
Do you have any favorite designers that show up in your work sometimes?


Ann said...

my idea of fashion is jeans and a t-shirt...lol When I see pictures of the latest trends I very rarely like them. Mostly I just wonder why anyone would want to wear them...lol

Erika said...

I watch PR faithfully. There is a lot of drama this season and plenty of people for me to not exactly like.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Like Ann, I do comfortable and NOT trendy. I am still chuckling over the last photo. I do however somewhat like the second one from the top. I always wondered why models never smile and it just clicked now. Would anyone smile having to wear these things? I think Lady GaGa could pull off the last one very well :)


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