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A month ago I posted about my indecision regarding my Etsy shop here. I've decided that it's important to have some sort of online presence even if it's not as active as I have kept it in the past. That way the customers who take my card at my shows have a way to shop in the future, etc. I also think that my empty shop may have hurt my chances of getting into the Rock n Roll Show as well.

I went ahead and renewed the items that I had listings for that didn't sell at the Strange Folk Festival and listed a few of my scarf/hat sets this week. I must say that the listing process has definitely been improved since the last time I did it awhile ago. I also like that you can use pictures that aren't perfectly square now.
The top shot is of my Fabulously Pink Set. I have it priced at $40 for both the scarf and the hat. I also have a teal set in the same pattern and size that I don't have photographed yet.

The Rainbow Bright Set is made with a machine washable acrylic and is priced at $35 for the hat and scarf together.

And finally my favorite set is the All Natural Pink Set. It was made with an organic cotton yarn with natural dyes. The scarf and hat are priced at $45 together. They are more for fashion than warmth but I think that they are a very cool ensemble.If anyone has any custom requests for scarf/hat combos I would be happy to oblige. I can probably find something in my stash to meet your color/fiber requests. If not that is just another reason to shop for yarn!


Ann said...

Sounds like a good plan. I think having an online source for shoppers is an excellent idea. I also can see why that last one is your favorite. Very nice

Diana said...

Wow! Such amazing pieces (love that rainbow one).

You should also take a look at selling on my new site for vintage and handmade: http://efreeme.com - there are no fees or commissions! We also have future plans to help rank items to make searches easier.

Nancy said...

Yea...as hard as it is to watch a shop sit, and especially when it seems like a whole lot of work for not comparable return, I do think the online presence is priceless. And at least with etsy you can let your items sit without relisting them and minimize your expense.

CB said...

Someday you should think about having your own website. I agree that online presence is important. I'm still on Etsy but I'm also doing more local things like teaching polymer clay classes.

PS: Your pictures are just perfect now!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Your picture are all so beautiful! I have my shop on an extended vacation.. I wanted to get it up and running in September..but now we are in NC for a visit, and I have had no time! :(


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