Opening Doors on Cherokee Street

I've had a few interesting developments on the crafting front the past week. I was beginning to get frustrated and wondering if it was really worth it. I tend to get easily discouraged but not getting into the Rock n Roll Show was actually a good wake up call for me. It got me thinking outside the box and looking for other venues that I would have overlooked otherwise.

I contacted peridot, a new craft venue on Cherokee Street. Here is the description on their site: A workshop space for local talent to thrive and grow. Offering various classes in areas like sewing, knitting, stained glass work and much more! We also have a consignment shop for local artists to sell their treasures.

They are also where the upcycle exchange is being housed and since I had some things to drop off this weekend I decided to bring some of my knitting for them to check out. I ended up leaving the things I brought to consign, which was very exciting. They didn't have any scarf/hat sets yet which she liked. I will work on some more of these that I think would be a good fit for their clientele of indie artsy types.

I really love the vibe down on Cherokee Street. It is in South City, where all the cool people are moving. I really hate driving in the city but the two times I've gone down to Cherokee I haven't gotten lost or had trouble finding a parking spot. I didn't take the time to really explore on Saturday as I had Ani with me and we were trying to get back in time to get pictures of Kai in his homecoming garb. A failed mission, but take my word for it, he looked sharp. I have a shopping date set up with a friend in a few weeks to explore all the antiques shops, thrift stores, and art/craft venues.

Peridot is also sponsoring a craft show in a few weeks that I think I'm going to go ahead and do. It is only a $30 booth fee and should be good exposure. It is called Medusa's Craft Menagerie, which is actually a lot of fun to say. I was driving Mike crazy last night saying it over and over. It sounds like it could be a fun event too. Here is what the invite says:

On Saturday, October 23rd, Medusa's Craft Menagerie will debut on the 3100-3200 block of Cherokee Street in Benton Park West. Celebrating the emerging “Upper West Cherokee” creative district, this all-day event will feature eclectic arts, one-of-a-kind crafts, delicious edibles, live music, a offbeat fashion show, fire performances, and much more!

In addition to these opening doors I've also got another more traditional venue that is interested in consignment that I will talk about on another day.


Ann said...

Like the saying goes "every cloud has a silver lining" So even though you didn't make it into the rock and roll show it sounds like you found your silver lining.

Diana said...

Wow! Sounds like you will be keeping busy. If you find the time, you should also take a look at http://efreeme.com - it's totally free to sell!

overthetopaprons said...

Sounds greats; sort of opens up new possibilities! Hope it works out well for you.

Stephanie said...

wow so many other places to show your work :)

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

These new opportunities sound great. You never know where they all may lead.. It is exciting!

Nancy said...

Wow good for you- brick and mortar!! The craft show sounds like a great way to introduce yourself as a seller in the store too! Have fun:)


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