Medusa's Day

I wish I could say that Medusa was my new best friend but unfortunately this was one gamble that didn't pay off so well. It was a perfectly pleasant day with some lovely booth neighbors but I sold a grand total of 4 scarflettes. The Medusa shot is of a big sign they had out which I posterized in Photoshop.

It was an unseasonably warm day which hurt my sales, and the event was a bit too spread out so I don't think we had as much traffic as we could have. They had booths in 3 different locations, some outside and some inside, and entertainment was all over the place . I don't think people were clear on where things were which caused some confusion. I think I pretty much broke even when you factor in the booth fee, food, gas, and a few other things I bought for the day.

I was happy with my booth display. I don't know why I didn't sell any scarves or wristcuffs but I guess it was just a scarflette crowd, what there was of it. I did sell a scarflette to a former Smashanista which I thought was cool. When they walked in I thought they looked familiar and then I heard someone talking about roller derby and I made the connection. I didn't think to take a picture of her in the scarflette which I am beating myself up about today.

I made a trade with the lovely Mandi from My Lovies. I chose a locket with a few beads but I came really close to choosing this beautiful pendant with old lace.

I had some good quality time with Kai, although he said he made 1000 texts during the day. I don't know how many different ways you can say I'm bored but I think he found a few hundred.

I'm looking forward to my last show of the year, the Rolla Holiday Bazaar on November 13. Hopefully there will be a good scarf buying crowd awaiting me there.


Ann said...

Sorry it didn't go as well as you had hoped. That warmer weather has to make it tough to sell hats and scarfs, I'm sure if it would have been cold you would have sold more

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Paige - Look at you so cute in front of your booth! Sorry it didn't go very well. Better days are ahead, my friend, better days are ahead :)

Lin said...

Bummer! Isn't that weird how you can do one show that is good and the next isn't? Love the texter friend--at least you know it wasn't just you.

Nancy said...

It's a shame to hear you just broke even. But, at least you have the experience of that one now and can decide in the future if you think it will be better or the same. Seems like you had a good day despite, and your display looks great!


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