Merry Christmas For Me!

So the big holiday shopping season is almost upon us. I've already gotten my big gift for the year. My Mom and Uncle got me the Canon Speedlite 430EX, an external flash for my camera, for my birthday/Christmas. I haven't had a chance to play with it much but I'm hoping to put it to use this week with the girls.

I was doing some looking for fun on my two favorite shopping sites since the network is down this week at work and no work is being done of any kind in our office today. I found the two cool widgets at the top of the page. These are books and stuff that I'd love to find in my stocking from amazon and the top one is a list compiled from etsy. I originally made a treasury of it you can find here. But I just discovered the site kaboodle and put together a wish list and made a widget which is easy to add to a site. I think this may become my preferred way of sharing items on my blog. Let me know if you have any troubles with seeing it or slow loading time.

So do you plan on venturing out for any Black Friday Shopping adventures? What are you hoping to find under your tree this year?


Nancy said...

That kaboodle widget is really cool! For the past 3 years I haven't even set foot in any stores. I've completed 100% of my shopping online, mostly etsy and REI for the outdoorsy men in my fam. So it's been nice. I'm hoping to continue much of the same this year!

Nancy said...

So glad you got the rings and they worked out. I know a lot of the flaws were probably things that bugged just me, but still, didn't think it was right selling them at full price. Glad you like them!

Ann said...

wow, lucky girl, that's a nice gift.
No black Friday shopping for me, I have to work but even if I didn't I doubt that I would go since I hate the crowds.

Lin said...

Jealous, I am! Wow!! What a cool gift to get. :) Let me know how you like it when you get working with it.


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