Happy Birthday Ani!

I finally feel as though I'm returning to the land of the living today. I have been on antibiotics for 4 days now but it was a seriously nasty infection in my ears and the start of bronchitis in my chest.

November is the month of birthdays around here with Ani's getting the highest priority. We had her friend birthday party on Saturday at the Painted Zebra. It's a paint your own pottery place so they could get creative and messy without the cleanup. I think the girls had a good time painting their trinket boxes. Ani painted an ice cream cone box and made it look like the ice cream was melting down the cone which I thought was very creative.

She's now 10 going on 21 which is troubling at times. Sometimes I catch myself talking to her like she's an adult. I can't remember what I had said but she actually told me one time, "Aunt Paige, sometimes I think that you forget that I'm only 9 years old." She is definitely becoming her own person now which is exciting to watch. She has her own dramatic flair just like her Aunt and I hope that she won't lose that spark as she grows.

This last shot if from her family party a few weeks ago with her Dad.


Anonymous said...

Glad it was a great party for her! I know what you mean though...once kids hit that age they do start to grow up fast. Sometimes I look at how adult 4th and 5th graders act and then next moment am so relieved to see them doing something immature again. I want to tell them, hold on to that side, slow down, you have your whole life to act like an adult!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Ani. That sounds like a really fun place to go to and I love her ice cream cone.


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